The science behind stress balls: How they work and why they’re effective

The science behind stress balls: How they work and why they're effective

Stress is a genuine factor in the lives of millions of people. It is a regular part of life for many, but few have adequate means of dealing with that stress. One method gaining popularity is using a tiny, round stress ball.

Most of you out there have seen them before. They come in various colors and are squeezed when someone is feeling stressed. Given the amount of tension and stress that the average person faces on a typical day, there is likely a common question: do stress balls work?

Do stress balls work?

Stress has a significant impact on our lives in several ways. Perhaps the biggest is that it leads to muscle tension. When we are stressed out, it can lead to the clenching of those muscles instead of allowing them to relax.

There needs to be a channel for that extra energy to combat stress. Transferring it to a physical object – preferably one that isn’t living – can release tension.

For that reason alone, stress balls do work. But, in addition, because they are squishy, they allow the muscles in the body to contract and then release from the tense position they were in previously. And since they have a squishy texture, they also allow the body to have proper blood circulation, which can also help with tension.

The benefits of using a stress ball

Still not convinced? Many benefits can come from using a stress ball. Here are some of the most pronounced benefits of implementing a stress ball into your life.

Better concentration

Most people don’t realize that implementing stress balls into daily life can help them concentrate. Since they are designed to alleviate stress and improve relaxation, it means spending more time on what you are working on than being stressed.

In high-demand, intense settings, a stress ball can help reduce stress at the moment and help improve focus on the matter at hand.

Lowers blood pressure

Stress has been known to play a significant role in raising blood pressure. Of course, higher blood pressure can lead to myriad other issues with one’s physical health. But having a stress ball around can be beneficial for keeping control of that blood pressure.

Stress balls can ensure that your body has proper blood circulation, which means getting more effective blood flow to all body areas. This, in turn, leads to either a decreased blood pressure or at least a more normalized level.

Reduces stress and anxiety

The reason that people use stress balls. The tension that builds up in the muscles can have profound implications if it is allowed to continue to build. Finding a way to relieve that tension can benefit the body.

Simply squeezing the ball – and then releasing quickly –can mean a severe reduction in anxiety and stress. This is because the muscles are far less tense than otherwise.

Strengthening muscles

Before long, it will be noticeable just how effective stress balls are on your muscles. Remember that the action makes your muscles expand and retract, which is a great way to strengthen the muscles in question.

With repeated use, it isn’t out of the realm of possibility to achieve stronger wrists and forearms than ever before. In addition, the benefits of using a stress ball are myriad in nature.


So, do stress balls work? The answer is a resounding yes! Not only do they help relieve stress and tension in the hands and fingers, but they also provide a host of other benefits. If you’re looking for ways to improve your concentration, lower your blood pressure, reduce stress and anxiety levels, or strengthen your muscles, using a stress ball may be just what you need.


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