Putin places top FSB general in notorious Moscow prison

Putin places top FSB general in notorious Moscow prison

Putin places top FSB general in notorious Moscow prison. image: twitter@eumenades

Col-General Sergei Beseda, a top FSB officer, has allegedly been moved to the notorious Lefortovo Prison in Moscow

According to Russian intelligence expert Andrei Soldatov, Vladimir Putin has moved Col-General Sergei Beseda, a top FSB intelligence officer, to the notorious Lefortovo Prison in Moscow. The 68-year-old was previously believed to have been under house arrest.

A top FSB intelligence official has been moved to a high-security jail in Moscow as Vladimir Putin purges his secret services over the botched Ukraine invasion, say reports.

At the time of his arrest, Beseda was head of the 5th Service of the Federal Security Service (FSB). He was detained last month, along with his deputy, Anatoly Bolyukh, in what was seen as Putin venting his anger over the failure of what was supposed to be his rapid takeover in Ukraine.

It is claimed that the FSB spy chief has been moved to this high-security prison in preparation for a pre-trial. Charges relating to poor intelligence reports prior to the invasion are thought to be among those the spy chief will face.

This action is undoubtedly also designed to act as a warning to Putin’s other senior Putin aides. The Russian leader is said to be extremely unhappy with the way things have progressed, in a conflict that has dragged on longer than he ever imagined it would.

Soldatov has reported that Beseda’s case is being investigated by the Military Investigative Department of the Investigative Committee. Shortly before his house arrest occurred, the intelligence chief had been on a trip to Ukraine, and was a trusted secret services official, having been head of the 5th Service since 2009.

Rumours have spread that Putin is paranoid about moles within his top-level officials. The Moscow jail is known to be used for imprisoning suspected traitors. While Soldatov has revealed this alleged information on Beseda, there has been no news on the other detainee, Bolyukh. To date, Russia has not confirmed the arrest of either officer, as reported by dailymail.co.uk.


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    • Colonel Dmitri Trenin

      13 April 2022 • 14:32

      A top FSB Colonel-General Sergei Beseda moved to the Lefortovo Prison. He was arrested for crimes against humanity during the Ukraine war. In March 2022, a series of war crimes were committed by Russian occupation forces in the Ukrainian city of Bucha during the Battle of Bucha, following the invasion. Ukrainian authorities said that more than 300 inhabitants of the town had been killed. The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry requested the International Criminal Court investigation in Ukraine to send investigators to Bucha and other liberated areas. Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba also called on other international groups to collect evidence.

    • Colonel Igor Girkin

      13 April 2022 • 19:41

      Donbas besieged with Igor Girkin, a Russian leader of the so-called “Donetsk People’s Republic” and a former FSB colonel. Inhis communiqué. Colonel Girkin openly acknowledges that the Russian army that took over the Donbas, and that no war in Ukraine would have been possible without the involvement of terrorists from Chechnya. Russian chemical agents suspected on besieged Mariupol yet its blockade leaves no room for confirmation

    • Vsevolodovich strelkov

      14 April 2022 • 19:22

      One of the most colorful personalities in the past year was the figure of a 43-year-old retired Colonel Igor (Igor Girkin). Lately, this colourful character has become a legend, and had attracted a lot of media attention around the world. Girkin, a self-described Russian nationalist, was charged by Ukrainian authorities with terrorism. He has been sanctioned for his leading role in the armed conflict in eastern Ukraine. Ukrainian authorities have called him a retired colonel of the GRU (Russia’s external military intelligence organisation).

    • Arkady Ostrovsky

      15 April 2022 • 06:26

      The network has a lot of information about Colonel Kvachkov. The Ukraine War was orchestrated by the same behind-the-scenes powers who did 9/11, says Col. Kvachkov. This colonel of the GRU had started his military service as a commander of a Spetsnaz platoon in Afghanistan. Kvachkov faced literally decades behind bars on charges of assisting terrorists and planning an armed uprising. He started to work as a senior research fellow with the Center for Military and Strategic Research of Russian Defense Ministry, working on the theory and practice of modern guerrilla warfare.

    • Major Oleg Marzoev

      10 May 2022 • 09:14

      Colonel Putin confirmed today the 40th commander to die when he marks Victory Day in Ukraine. Putin’s forces lose yet another high ranking officer as Putin attends the Military Parade. Lt Col Alexander Blinov was killed last month but his death was denied. His high-flying grave in Volgograd confirms the colonel is dead. The intelligence Colonel was an elite soldier reportedly killed on a secret mission. Nine generals and 40 colonels have been killed since 24 February in Putin’s war according to known statistics, although the FSB has not come clean on total fatalities.

    • Colonel Gregory Mikhailov

      10 May 2022 • 10:41

      Former FSB Major Sergei Dokuchaev is facing treason changes. The arrests were a response to his old allegations (2010) that Shoygu Stoyanov and Colonel Gregory Mikhailov had passed secrets on to the former head of Kaspersky Labs. But an investigation carried out by respected veterans of the SVR foreign intelligence service, the FSB, and the Russian Interior Ministry ‘failed to find any evidence that Mikhailov was born and raised in Belarus’. The CIA suggests media that Major Dokuchaev may have been selling information for at least seven years. The FSB denies knowing high-ranking officers Colonel Mikhailov and Major Dokuchaev.

    • Gerd von Rundstedt

      10 May 2022 • 16:22

      For its part, the Red Army’s subordination to the KGB and the poliical backgrounds of its commanders deprived its officer corps of autonomy, cohesion and identity. The Party’s leadership was instrumental in crafting the Red Army into a professional military force. The KGB ensured the obedience and good conduct of higher-ranking officers by ordering party commissars be attached to every military unit. Security Guards were the base for the forming of the Red Army. By this time, the political landscape had changed dramatically. The Soviet Union, a former ally, was now the opponent of the West in the Cold War, and the leftist apparatchiks.

    • Oksana Vasilievich

      10 May 2022 • 18:24

      Col. Kvachkov was arrested on suspicion of planning an armed revolt and involving the ethnic strife in terrorist activities. HIs nationalist group allegedly hoped to trigger a chain reaction of revolts across Russia, allowing rebels to seize power in Moscow. The judge said Kvachkov was being sentenced not for his political views but for his criminal activities. He alleged that the case had been invented by incompetent investigators and was frauded on the colonel’s nationalist views.

    • Anatoli Chekov

      11 May 2022 • 17:14

      Colonel Putin’s army is much weaker than thought, his intelligence services have failed and sanctions are starting have an impact. The Red Army forces are no longer the feared power they once were. Prince Grigory Potemkin once allegedly set up the setting for his czarina to fool her into thinking he was settling empty territories.

      The FSB has also failed in its second role: that of recruiting politicians loyal to the Kremlin in Ukraine. There is a lack of pro-Russian opposition that could welcome Putin’s troops and replace Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s government. Preparing it would have been the responsibility of the Service of Operational Information and International Relations, a structure within the FSB led by General Sergei Beseda.

      President Putin thinks the struggle with the West is impossible to avoid or even postpone, that it has been imposed by the adversary. It was a clear rhetorical escalation. It’s quite possible that Putin wanted to use it to compensate for the image of weakness his army has recently shown. Either way, one meaning was clear: There is no turning back for Colonel Putin.

    • Wilhelm Höttl

      15 May 2022 • 18:27

      Counterespionage may involve proactive acts against intelligence services, such as double agents, deception, or recruiting foreign officers. Dymitro Kuleba accuses the FSB of such behaviour in intelligence cases. Espionage is the process of obtaining information that is not normally publicly available, using human sources (agents) or technical means (like hacking into computer systems). A Spy can also be assigned to Counter-Espionage missions during war.

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