Bullfighting is due to return to Mallorca for first time since pandemic

Symbol of Mallorca against Bullfighting Group Credit: Facebook

BULLFIGHTING is due to return to Mallorca for first time since pandemic and tickets could soon be on sale for the event this summer.

MANY considered it a major coup when bullfighting was to be banned in Catalonia with the Balearics to follow suit, but the Constitutional Court in Madrid overturned the ban.

This meant that the Balearics amended their proposed regulation but again thanks to the involvement of the Madrid Court, it was effectively powerless to ban the fights.

Bullfights were staged in Mallorca in Inca and Palma in 2019 with many thousands of spectators being asked by those against not to attend but since then, due to the pandemic, just one further fight has taken place.

In 2021, a private company signed a five-year contract with the management of the Inca bullring and managed to promote on soon after and now proposes to run an event on July 30 in conjunction with the feast of patron saints San Abdón and San Senén although tickets are not yet available.

Local resident Natasha Retzmann is totally against bull fighting and has set up a Facebook Group Mallorca against Bullfighting and is working with the animal organisation Progreso en Verde to try to have the event stopped.

She doesn’t condone violent demonstration and appreciates that many may object to a foreigner telling them to abandon what is considered part of Spanish heritage but as she says, “Our group is not here to force Mallorquins to ban something they want! The vast majority don’t want this cruel form of entertainment on such a lucrative tourist Island. We are here to support the local people and help them to make the changes to the laws.”

Spain promotes itself as a country that now takes a genuine interest in the welfare of animals and in January passed a law recognising animals as sentient beings.

Perhaps in order to gain a majority in Parliament, the new law only directly affects fighting bulls and hunting dogs in property issues but it doesn’t prohibit bullfighting or hunting itself.

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