With the British media’s almost fanatical fixation on interviewing minorities for their opinions on almost every subject under the sun, would it be too much to ask that, among all the disquiet and griping, they could select at least one or two that are happy with their lot and satisfied with their often adopted country of residence?

Not much chance of that of course. The BBC in particular is hell bent on disproportionately promoting and inciting discontented minorities, purely because they are fully aware that by encouraging their dissatisfaction of the present government they may just garner enough votes to scrape a favourable left wing victory in the next election.

It’s for the same reason they pander to the youngsters by giving maximum publicity to their antigovernment demonstrations and environmental protests. This left wing, woke infested bunch, actually set out on the campaign trail within months of Corbyn’s Marxist marauders rout in the last election.

They were fully aware that the more mature and experienced indigenous population was never going to vote in a party whose tenures ALWAYS ended in utter failure.

The only reason Tony Blair was a brief success was because he was more right wing than many of the opposition, and even that term culminated with Brown selling off over 50 per cent of the UK’s gold reserves and hijacking the people’s pension fund! They know they need to court the youngsters and ethnic population who have never experienced the incompetence and failures of the left. They have blatantly honed in on the naïve innocents, those who have never seen the hypocritical bully boys of the unions smirking on the steps of Downing Street, or paralysing the country with their strikes and walkouts before returning to their multi-million dollar villas on the Costas.

Rest assured the economic policies and subsequent empty coffers of a left wing government would never have managed to provide the assistance and financial aid to companies and the public to get the country through the recent Covid pandemic.

Margaret Thatcher was absolutely correct when she observed that the problem with socialists was that they always ultimately ‘ran out of other people’s money’.

And while we’re on the subject of filthy lucre, irrespective of the so-called moral implications this latest furor over the wealth Rishi Sunak’s wife has created, it does bring to mind the old adage of stones and glass houses.

While Kier Starmer is gleefully spouting off about the ‘arrogant hypocrisy’ of the Chancellor and his wife, perhaps he would also like to tell us all how he truly understands and feels the ‘pain’ of the ordinary man in the street as he appraises the £8 million fortune he has in the bank or relaxes in the £2 million luxury home he is driven home to every night!

I’ve prattled on so much this week that I have no space to relate the ‘revenge’ of our much maligned ‘plastered’ bridegroom. Just have to linger another seven I’m afraid. Ah well, worth the wait I can assure you.

Keep the faith

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Written by

Leapy Lee

Like Marmite, you either love Leapy or hate him. His controversial views and long-standing column make him one of the Euro Weekly News´ most-read columnists.


    • Brian Ackroyd

      19 April 2022 • 19:25

      I have heard this myth before, from right-wingers, that the BBC is left-wing biassed. Look at the evidence which totally quashes that viewpoint.
      The Tories have definitely ‘tamed’ the BBC. They ‘fine’ * the BBC every time they don’t favour them. During the Brexit debate it was so very, very obvious that the guy on the ‘Today’ programme was a Brexiteer. He gave a really easy time to the Brexiteers but tore into any remainers. ‘Question Time’ only ever asked one MEP on the panel – Nigel Farage! Further, anyone from the audience, when chosen to comment, miraculously supported Brexit. I said that Channel 4s stance would mean the Tories would punish them and, guess what, Johnson now wants to privatise them. The Tories have put their own men into the BBC so how much more indirect control of the broadcast media do you want! The problem is that right-wingers are so used to the majority of the press and the Murdoch radio stations, amongst others, supporting them, that any opposition is seen as left-wing bias.

      * BBC now has to pay for the World Service (previously Home Office)
      BBC has to pay for over 75s licence (previously the Government)
      BBC told to give some of its licence fee to Channel 4.

    • Matt

      01 October 2022 • 19:27

      BBC WAS GIVEN CONTROL OF THE LICENCE FEE, they could have continued the practice of free licenses for the over 75s but they decided to remove it. All the BBC has to pay comes from the UK license charge. They do not represent the majority of their viewers so they should not be paid by them. This Government should end this monopoly and force the BBC to be self funded.


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