Residents of Mijas warned not to drink tap water

Use bottle water

Use bottled water Credit: CC

RESIDENTS of Mijas warned not to drink tap water if they have a contract with Aquavega which should have sent them a letter urgently advising them not to drink or cook with tap water.

This is according to Mijas Councillor Bill Anderson who posted a copy of the official letter on social media today, Sunday April 24.

It appears that a test supposedly taken on April 12, found that there is an excess of a particular chemical which makes the water unfit for human consumption although it is acceptable to use for personal hygiene and sanitary reasons.

Bottled mineral water was to be made available to customers fir drinking and cooking and the undated letter gives telephone numbers 952 493 165 and 669 976 706 to call to arrange.

Somewhat confusingly the letter then goes on to say that further analysis which took place on April 18 suggested that the water was within the legal limits allowed but despite this, the water company still recommended that it not be drunk or used for cooking until it is considered safe.

Once the quality of the water is considered acceptable then customers will be advised.

The warning letter

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