Cloud migration and SaaS take top spots in security strategies

Cloud migration and SaaS take top spots in security strategies

In a press release, the Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC) announced that 2021 was, “record-breaking year for data compromises.” The release goes on to say that the third quarter of 2021 yielded 160 million ‘data compromise victims.’ With this in mind, authorities are pointing to an increase in ransomware attacks in 2022. Consumers and businesses alike need to assess their data protection to ensure cybersecurity.

Echoworx, a prominent email encryption provider, has recently enlisted the work of Forrester Consulting to compile and report on email security trends. The report illuminates the necessity for email data protection, and highlights the benefits of cloud migration and SaaS (software as a service).

Key Findings

The report found that of the organizations surveyed, 77% stated that they need to invest in and increase their email security. This is a significant amount, and illustrates the growing urgency for data protection, especially within the context of an evolving, and often hybrid, workforce. Furthermore, the report highlights the frustration of those surveyed with the current email protection tools. Most of those surveyed noted a lack of automation, as well as a climate where email security becomes costly.

A majority of those surveyed noted that, “their organization’s current email security/DLP solutions are very efficient and efficient in preventing compromise and protecting sensitive data.” However, this is to be contrasted with the previous 77% that wanted to increase and grow their email security. The report further found that the organizations surveyed felt that there were areas where their email security was lacking, and areas where it can be improved. Many noted that their email security measures had become time consuming and tedious. The report expanded on this, and stated that this can cause many users to work around the measures, and in doing so, create risk for their data.

Cloud Migration and SaaS

In the Echoworx report, Forrester researchers asked a vital question to those surveyed:“How much of an impact has each of the following had on your organization’s security strategy over the past 12 months?” The methods available were cloud adoption/migration, SaaS adoption, digital transformation, mobile environment, and a remote/hybrid work model. Interestingly, the majority of those surveyed (81%) highlighted cloud migration as having the most positive impact within the past 12 months. Second to cloud migration was SaaS adoption at 79%. This finding illustrates the success of these two methods within the email data protection space. The report goes on to further say that, “more than 50% of respondents are prioritizing data protection, DLP, moving security services to the cloud, and improving email security strategies as top priorities for the next 12 months.”

Businesses are expressing interest in cloud migration and Saas for a number of reasons. Organizations are looking for greater user experiences, especially within a working environment where more businesses are remote or hybrid. These work models require even greater email security and data protection. It is easy to understand why, as IBM reports that the average cost of a data breach is estimated to be $4.2 million. As a result, it is clear that, for most businesses, a data breach is too heavy a price to pay. This has caused businesses to evaluate their current, and more traditional, models of email security. For many, cloud migration and SaaS have become the answer.


Echoworx is a leading email encryption software company and email data protection service that has been serving clients for over a decade. The company utilizes a cloud-based platform and SaaS delivery to help render client email data secure and protected.

Echoworx states that their, “modern techniques, up-to-date product roadmap, agile development capabilities and next-generation user interface,” allows them to provide organizations with security and accessibility within the digital age. The company boasts a 97% annual renewal rate.

Final Thoughts

Email security and data protection is becoming an increasingly important aspect of any business. This security is to benefit and protect not only the company, but its consumers as well. The Echoworx report, in conjunction with Forrester Consulting, highlights the most important trends in email security and data protection for 2022. Amongst all methods mentioned, cloud migration and SaaS were highlighted as both the most effective, and as having the most positive outcome for cybersecurity and email data protection.

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