4 Things employees need in 2022

4 Things employees need in 2022

No matter what type of business you run, whether it’s a food truck, a commercial business exchange, or a photography studio, if you have employees… They have needs. Some of them are pretty standard, such as breaks during the workday, a wage that helps them live, and a safe and creative work environment free from any negativity.

However, your employees also have other needs that aren’t as standard, and this 2022 might be the year where you as a boss can provide for those needs. So take a read of this article and see what you can do to provide these benefits for your employees.

Give your employees investing opportunities

Every single business has stocks, which are shares of a company. Each share represents partial ownership, so if you own a stock in a company, you partially own the company and some of its assets and earnings. Stocks can then be bought and sold to help the company in question raise money, and they are very lucrative and useful if you know how to use them properly.

Incentive stock options are a benefit you can give to your employees through corporate, and it allows them to buy shares of the stock of your company, but at a very discounted price and with possible tax breaks on any profit that is made. Stocks can be expensive and also risky for employees who don’t have a lot of spending money, and this stock incentive plan is a great way to get your employees investing in your business.

These plans are often awarded to top employees or to employees that are very valuable to the company, because they are designed to retain those employees and make them want to keep buying the discounted stock in the future. Plus, they often require a vesting period of two years and a holding period of one year or more before they can be sold.

If you have employees that have done a very good job and you want to keep them around, consider giving them some easy investing opportunities with a stock incentive plan.

Healthy supplements can keep your business afloat

It happens a lot, where busy work days are followed by employees being sick and not only infecting other employees if they choose to come to work, but also slowing all the productivity to a crawl. While you can’t counter every single illness that can get into your employees, you can work to keep their general health up, by giving them supplements.

Supplements are pills or capsules that contain various vitamins and minerals that the body gets from food or naturally produces, but in many cases we don’t get enough of these, so it pays for employers to offer them.

Especially since many supplements, including magnesium and vitamin D, actually help to reduce stress levels. If you find that your employees are getting stressed, either about the company or outside of the company situations, having some optional healthy supplements that they can take can help their health and can help your peace of mind as well.

Look out for your employees with credit checks

Soft credit check api pulls are different from hard credit checks because they don’t remain on your credit card report for the two years that hard credit checks do. Typically these are done by employers to check the credit of potential employees, but they can also provide some benefits to your employees as well.

Employers typically check the credit score of employees to see where their money is at, and to look for signs of financial ‘red flags’ that can signal the potential for fraud or for theft. You as an employer would only see a modified version of your employee’s credit score, but you can still use that information to help out your employee.

If some employees have low credit scores, reach out and see how you can help them. There’s plenty of ways to boost credit in the world of business, so maybe bring in an expert to host a seminar, or ask your employee what they think should be done to get their credit score up. This will not only give your employees peace of mind about their credit, but it can also keep you up to date on how the financial lives of your employees are going.

Focus on your employees health and wellbeing

The past few years haven’t been easy on anyone, and regardless of the business you are in, your employees are also people. Focus on having their backs and communicating with them about their health, their mental wellbeing, and even how they feel about the work they are doing.

Employees don’t want to feel like a cog in a machine anymore, but instead they want to feel like everything they do is reaching some larger goal. They want to feel like they belong and like they matter. So do some big team building activities, focus on providing an inclusive and kind environment, and make sure to get to know all your employees as people too.

Even sincerely sitting down with an employee and asking them if they are okay, if they need anything, or how they feel about whatever work they are doing is sometimes more than enough to put some smiles on faces and renewed energy towards the work. Give it a try sometime and you might be shocked at what happens.

Meet the needs of your employees for increased benefits

Taking the time to meet the needs of your employees isn’t a one way street, but if employees feel comfortable and calm in the workplace, they will work harder, faster, and put more care and effort into their work… and that will help keep you productive and your business profitable. After all, no matter the business, it can’t work without the rockstar team of employees that help to get everything you need done. So talk to your employees, listen to their needs, and make sure to implement them to get a better workspace environment for everyone!

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