8 Things you didn’t know about mass texting

Do you know what mass texting is? If you’re in any kind of business or have a need for marketing, then you definitely don’t want to miss out!

Here are 8 things you didn’t know about mass texting and why you need to start incorporating it into your business, beginning today:

1.   9 out of 10 customers actually prefer communicating with a business via text messaging.

Customers want directness and convenience, and they also just happen to have their smartphones in their hands, a lot. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to grab their attention and get them engaging with you.

2.   Texting in bulk has been shown to improve all SMS marketing campaigns.

SMS marketing campaigns that are run by utilizing a Customer Relationship Management, or CRM for short, platform, provide a lot of features that would take a single, individual way too much precious time to perform on their own. For instance, tracking and organizing within a spreadsheet using keywords that your customers have replied back with.

3.   Mass texts are not the same as group texts. 

While they sound similar, they’re much different. For instance, one big disparity is that when enlisting mass texting, responses back to your business don’t go to every person whom received the initial message. They only come back to your business. This gives a much more personal feel to the messages, creating a better overall customer experience which leads us to the fourth thing you should know about mass texting…

4.   Open rates are actually higher on broadcasted text messages.

Tailoring your customer’s experiences by incorporating features like keywords and opt-ins, allows you to build a relationship with them. And this relationship feels customized and centered around them specifically, making them more likely to read what you’ve sent.

64% of customers even view a business in a more positive light when they’ve communicated directly to them. Your customers viewing your business in a positive light will help you to build trust with them. Making them eager to open your messages and respond positively to opt-ins. They’ll want to stay in-the-know and up-to-date with a company they trust.

They also won’t want to miss out on deals and special offers. By adopting mass texting and utilizing various marketing methods available, your business will be able to create a sense of exclusiveness and urgency for your customers. They will feel as though they’re getting something others aren’t when you send your messages.

Also, consider how “instant” a text message is compared to other marketing techniques, giving you an upper hand in real-time communication and increasing your chances of further (and future!) engagement.

5.   When you put to use a CRM, you also gain the added function of being able to schedule your broadcasts, or mass text messages.

One word: productivity.

Every business is looking for more ways to automate their systems and processes because it frees up more time and energy for other items. Larger, more pertinent tasks that require more time and effort can now be given the attention they need and that you desire. Processes can also easily be put in place so scheduling is not a daily-task if that’s not necessary within your business.

6.   You also have the freedom to make any changes to a message before deciding to hit send.

Having the freedom to make changes before sending gives businesses the opportunity to proofread, add additional information, or plug-in keywords as they see necessary. This gives you more control over what is being put out to your customers with your business attached to it.

7.   There are federal laws to comply with when using mass texting.

TCPA laws, or the Telephone Consumer Protection Act were enacted to govern how phone calls and SMS text messages are advertised from automated messaging systems.

Adopting a CRM platform for mass texting campaigns will alleviate the guesswork of making sure your business is complying with federal laws, by making it a priority that someone consents to receive a mass text message before they’re sent.

This can be done by previously opted-in contacts, keyword marking campaigns, web forms, or through a request to opt-in from a manually entered contact or customer.

8.   It’s much easier to get started than what people think!

First, you just need to find a reputable CRM platform. Then you can import your contacts, add keywords, start an opt-in campaign to gain leads, or broadcast a message right away to begin reaching out to your target audience.

The CRM will also be able to keep all of your contacts (manually imported and SMS message opt-ins) organized and saved in an easily downloadable spreadsheet, so you can track and customize however you like for your business needs.

If your business could use an upgrade in its workflow and outreach, mass texting could be a great additional communication tool for your company!

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