How Adam Vaughan has made a life out of travel

How Adam Vaughan has made a life out of travel

In 2019, Grand View Research announced that the global luxury travel industry was, “expected to reach USD 2.5 trillion by 2025.” This report was largely unaware of the upcoming pandemic and, as a result, did not take into account the devastating hit that the travel industry would take. However, despite the inevitable decline in travel of recent years, 2022 has seen a gradual uptick in the travel market.

Many people across the globe have missed being able to travel to new places and experience different cultures and lifestyles. As a result, consumers have indulged in watching and reading about travel influencers. These influencers document their travel experiences, and provide insight and commentary on their travels. Consumers enjoy this form of content, as they are able to learn more about the globe, and experience the world vicariously through the influencers.

Adam Vaughan is an Air Force veteran and Meta employee that documents and highlights his travel experiences. Vaughan has been able to travel the world throughout his separate careers, and has developed a love for experiencing dynamic and distinct global cultures.

The Travel industry in 2022

The pandemic caused devastation for the travel industry, as consumer travel came to an almost complete halt. Largely, business leaders and government officials were the only individuals that were able to traverse the globe.

As the world is becoming more accustomed to living with the existence of covid-19, travel is beginning to return to a former pace. Many consumers are seeing 2022 as a year where they can return to jetsetting. Even large festivals have happened, and will continue to happen. This has further increased the volumes of people traveling.

Whilst the travel industry is not yet at its level prior to the pandemic, it is entering a recovery period. Consumers can expect flights to become more expensive, and resorts to increase their prices. This is due to the decrease in visitation and consumption during the pandemic, and the hospitality sector  needing to seek financial relief.

Adam Vaughan: A history of travel

Vaughan grew up in the suburbs of Omaha, Nebraska. In his early years, travel was not a usual part of his life. He explains that an ‘exciting’ trip to him was, “going to Des Moines, Iowa to Adventureland or Kansas City, Missouri to Worlds of Fun.” However, his younger self dreamt of distant lands and cultures. Vaughan looks back at his early years with a reflective nostalgia. He reiterates that, to his 11-year-old self, countries like Japan, Germany and Thailand, were an integral part of stories and myths. 

The budding travel enthusiast was first introduced to the world of travel once he entered the Air Force. Vaughan argues that, “all along there was a yearning for exploration of culture, history, and pure experiences that I never knew existed.” He joined the Air Force in 1998, and through this experience, realized how large and diverse the world really was. His travels illuminated many things, and one of them was the sheer amount of inequality across the globe. It was a humbling experience for Vaughan, and it drove him to seek out more and do more for the global community.  It made him want to travel and experience all that the world had to offer and immerse himself in different cultures and lifestyles.  The Air Force allowed Vaughan to travel to interesting and diverse areas of the globe.  He was able to travel to places like Singapore, Malaysia, Ireland, Germany, and Sri Lanka. These are places that Vaughan, at a young age, would never have anticipated to traverse.

Because of his tremendous experience with travel, Vaughan states that he could never, and will never, accept a career where travel was not an integral part.  After his career in the Air Force, Vaughan was fortunate enough to join Facebook, where he now works to manage global operations. This new career path has allowed Vaughan to have a dynamic team of global professionals from all parts of the world. It has also allowed him to continue to travel and experience different cultures from his own.

How Adam Vaughan has made a life out of travel

Final thoughts

The travel industry is beginning the first stages of its recovery period. More consumers are expected to begin traveling in 2022. Travel influencers have been an important part of the travel market, and provide entertainment and joy to the online community. Adam Vaughan is a new contender in the travel influencer space. His travel experiences are plentiful, and his career has allowed him to make travel an integral part of his life.

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