Inaugural visit to Palma by Wonder of the Seas

Wonder of the Seas

Wonder of the Seas Credit: Nomura Ken D.K CC

Inaugural visit to Palma by Wonder of the Seas as the world’s largest passenger ship docked in the early morning of Tuesday May 3.

Cruise ships were major losers during the two years of the pandemic, with the relatively close contact of so many passengers and crew being a breeding ground for the transmission of the virus.

For some considerable period, these vessels were almost like the legendary Flying Dutchman as they were not welcomed in ports and had to stay at sea with their crews until the pandemic started to wane.

Now they are back with a vengeance and Royal Caribbean’s latest flagship has 18 decks, caters for nearly 7,000 passengers with 22 restaurants and 11 bars plus a number of attractions to entertain children and those young at heart.

It is expected that Palma will be a regular port of call for Wonder of the Seas although the sudden arrival of thousands of passengers as well as some of the 2,300 crew may not sit well with those wishing to see fewer liners and tourists visiting Mallorca’s capital.

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