Are you pleased I’m back?

I’M back after a bout of unwellness and a Tenerife holiday with my family and my best mate of 67 years and his family – 13 of us in total. Our flight was at 6.45am which meant we had to be at the airport at 4.30am.

The parking courtesy bus takes you to the airport and I wasn’t expecting any hold ups, but because people were diving into the car park to drop passengers off this then causes a massive back up and much hooting and shouting. Flight was good and hotel transfer went smoothly. I’d notified the hotel we would be arriving very early and our room was ready. We had a high floor room and I’d paid extra for sea view.

There was a sea view but only if you were 8ft tall and could look over the very high concrete wall. Sitting in the terrace chairs the wall was the only view. What was needed was either glass or railings, but definitely not a sold wall – or put tennis umpire chairs up there.

Next we start to unpack and there’s seven hangers. Really? For two of us for a week?

There was a few shelves but not a drawer in sight. How can that be possible? Nowhere to put socks or pants, not even in the bedside cabinet. This is a five-star hotel not a hostel. To their credit we got more hangers.

When I went to reception to complain about the drawers, or lack of, situation the very helpful girl said she agreed and loads of people complained about it. So why doesn’t management do anything about it? Did you know they also have the Spanish shrug in Tenerife? Oh and the safe in the room was €3 a day, which is petty I think.

Anyway the food was great and the staff were exceptional. It was a very big hotel and only had four, as I call them doctor’s lifts, because you need a lot of patience to wait for one. 

All in all, because of the company, we had a fabulous time, even though three of the party have since tested positive for Covid, another three are suffering from what used to be known as coughs and colds and were also bedridden for a few days. Are you pleased I’m back?


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Written by

Mike Senker

Grumpy Old Man Mike Senker provokes laughter and some groans with his spot on observations of life in the modern age.