Here is why using a good antivirus and cleaning App for Android is a good idea

Here is why using a good antivirus and cleaning App for Android is a good idea

When we talk about keeping an operating system clean, we mean keeping the storage capacity available. When you delete an application or delete files, they leave a footprint inside the memory, which must be released using a cleaner app dedicated to improving the performance of our devices.
We know that Android users are more than IOS users, and that’s why we have dedicated this article to suggest one of the best apps to keep your Android phone clean. Read on to learn more about the importance of cleaning and using a good antivirus to extend the life of your smartphone.

The importance of cleaning and using a good antivirus

For a device to work adequately, cleaning it frequently is essential. It might be made out manually or by employing an application to clean junk files that may remain as remnants on your phone.

What is android clean-up in regards?

To properly clean an Android device, it is helpful for you to implement some practices that will allow you to identify and manage the clutter on your phone. These practices are:

  • Identify unnecessary files that take up storage.
  • Delete old and unwanted applications
  • Emptying the cache or data of applications
  • Manage music files
  • Delete old offline maps

Advantages of using a cleaning app, and which one do we recommend?

The main advantage is the time savings you will get by delegating the function to an App. Also, being an automatic process, you guarantee that the same is done periodically, without worrying about forgetfulness that you may have. But, perhaps the most important thing is that the App will not miss anything: It will be much more effective in thoroughly picking up any residues that need to be deleted from your phone.

The recommended App: Booster & Antivirus

Did you know that not all the Apps offered by the Play Store are virus-free? Well, that’s right, and one advantage that Booster & Antivirus has is that it protects you against viruses, fake apps, scams and any other type of malware.
It’s essential to keep your data safe with a good antivirus dedicated 24/7 to scanning the system and managing application permissions.
By using Booster & Antivirus, you will see how your device increases its speed, thanks to the cleaning of junk, residual and cache files that do nothing but slow down your phone, which will also help you prolong battery life.

Here’s a list of the benefits that Booster & Antivirus will give your smartphone:

✔ Free antivirus.

We all worry about viruses because of the identity theft issue. Booster & Antivirus solution guarantees that your device will be free of malware, adware and Trojans and will help you identify any vulnerabilities in time.

In addition, it scans apps and games thanks to a dual-engine antivirus that removes any malicious content.

✔ Booster.

This feature will help you speed up your phone by freeing up RAM space. Also, you can eradicate secondary app processes and tasks that demand excessive memory usage.

✔ Battery saver.

Maybe you don’t know it, but inappropriate use of your phone’s memory results in higher power consumption, conducing your battery to drain faster. With Booster & Antivirus, you will prolong your battery life thanks to the activation of a custom power-saving setting.

✔ CPU Cooler.

A CPU Cooler reduces the CPU temperature of your Android phone by removing secondary applications that demand CPU overload, causing it to overheat.

✔ Professional cleaning.

With this feature, you can free up much more space in a clever way by deleting junk files and app cache data, unused apps and large or downloaded files.

✔ App Cleaner.

The social app cleaner offered by Booster & Antivirus allows you to review cache data, images, audios, videos or documents and delete those you no longer consider necessary.

Like most apps, Booster & Antivirus has a Premium version, which offers these enhancements:

✔ Scans and removes all duplicate files from your device.

✔ Automatically cleans and scans for any virus threats.

Why is it necessary to clean the Android phone?

Every device requires proper maintenance to extend its life and function at its maximum capacity. Without a thorough cleaning, an incredible amount of clutter accumulates in the device’s memory, resulting in a diminished throughput, reduced storage space and frozen apps. The entire interface might cause you to forfeit your patience due to its sluggish efficiency.
When we use an internet browser, junk files and cache accumulate on our smartphones. In addition, the photos we discard when getting the perfect selfie takes up needless space. The same happens when duplicates are created -without you even realizing it. The time and attention you need to take care of every detail and manually do it’s too much. That’s why it’s better to use an application.


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