A SPACE expert has warned that a NASA plan to let aliens know life on Earth exists could trigger dangers like an extra-terrestrial invasion. This eerily echoes previously released classified documents from the UK’s Ministry of Defence revealing how staff believed aliens could visit for ‘military reconnaissance’, ‘scientific’ research or ‘tourism’.

But why would ‘aliens’ with such advanced technology that enabled travel throughout the universe at hyper-mph be interested in a week’s B&B in Skegness? Surely they’d have the technology to do their ‘reconnaissance’ from afar?

And why on ‘Earth’ would anyone want to go to the UK for a holiday? Presumably they have the run of the universe, somewhere without global warming, corrupt politicians or fleeing oligarchs.

The UK admittedly does possess some uniquely otherworldly, semi-derelict, desolate seaside resorts that might make them feel at home. Judging by some of the population of these places, some of them might well have stayed and set up boarding houses, one-armed bandit emporia and tattoo parlours.

The first British cosmonaut Helen Sharman previously admitted she believes aliens do exist, claiming extra-terrestrials “could be living among us here on Earth,” but have simply gone undetected.

At first, her theory sounds slightly bonkers. And then you start looking more closely at UK MPs and maybe Helen could definitely be on to something. Do those MPs sound like they’re on another planet? Well, perhaps that’s because they are…

Maybe there’s another explanation for the UFO videos recently released by military forces: to convince us of the ongoing existence of threats, real and imaginary, to maximise their funding?

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