Tesco offers office space and shopping option in one location

A typical Regus workspace

A typical Regus workspace Credit: Regus

TESCO offers office space and shopping option in one location as it partners with flexible working company Regus, part of the IWG Group.

In an experiment to utilise unused space and earn money from its properties now that more people are shopping online, the Tesco Extra store in Beverley Way, New Malden, Surrey has seen a transformation to its mezzanine floor.

Effective from May 23, those who prefer not to work at home but equally don’t fancy a long commute will be able to rent flexible office space at this large property which has plenty of parking and businesses can even rent meeting spaces by the hour.

There’s is a lot going on around the area, so users can enjoy all of the facilities offered by Tesco or pop out for coffee or lunch and then return to the newly refurbished office space.

Clearly if this proves to be a success then more stores will have rooms converted as it appears that the concept of flexible working space gathers momentum following the recovery from the pandemic.

According to the BBC, a survey from the Chartered Institute of Management found more than 80 per cent of firms had now adopted hybrid-working since the end of the pandemic.

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