DJ Iceberg on radio success and an upcoming tour

DJ Iceberg on radio success and an upcoming tour

DJ Iceberg, a popular radio personality, professional DJ, and now music producer spoke recently about his success as a mixer and personality on Atlanta radio stations as well as his upcoming tour. The renowned artist is known for his distinctive style of DJing that combines New York Hip Hop and Southern Rap; to Iceberg, these represent the two places that he was born and grew up in respectively.

DJing is a unique art that requires an immense amount of skill; remixing live is an incredibly difficult talent demanding masterful manipulation of different sounds to create an entirely new medium of communication. Despite the advent of streaming technology and social media, DJing has maintained its status as the main bridge for connection to music, whether that is live at a party or through a radio station.

This article will dive deeply into DJ Iceberg’s success on radio shows across Atlanta as well as his career transition towards music production and how he’s faring in that endeavour.

Radio Success

While Iceberg principally prefers to perform at live events such as music festivals, as he did during his time at Georgia State University, he also thoroughly enjoys performing on the radio too. He draws on his wealth of experience performing live in collaboration with a number of huge artists, including Future, Rich Homie Quan, and Kidd Kidd to provide radio listeners with the natural interaction they could expect at a live event from him.

Moreover, Iceberg works as a staple personality and mixer on HOT107.9 and regularly returns as a participant to Sirius XM’s Shade 45 shows ‘StreetizWatchin’. Through both of these outlets, Iceberg feeds the energy both in the studio and for the listeners back home, which has firmly established him as an entertaining personality in this industry.

Indeed, Iceberg’s reputation has grown so much that he has been able to secure interviews with a plethora of legendary music artists, such as Lil Wayne and 2Chainz. These are landmarks in Iceberg’s career as they represent the point at which his infamy elevated from relating just to him individually to his brand as a whole.

This has made it possible for Iceberg to explore other potential ventures, thanks to this persona and brand he has painstakingly curated.

Music Production

One of these ventures is Iceberg’s recent founding of his music production group Monopoly Music, which he steers with the help of an array of other international music producers. Having only recently set off on this endeavour, Iceberg’s primary concern at the minute is to continue to enhance his music production ability so that he can achieve even greater heights of success.

More specifically, Iceberg is currently taking on as much work from across the nation in an effort to further elevate his brand awareness. One way in which he is working towards this goal is the recent launch of his branded podcast. This podcast will provide fans with another means of interacting with him (outside of his radio station appearances) and doubles as another outlet for his new music.

DJ Iceberg on radio success and an upcoming tour
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About DJ Iceberg

Iceberg was born in New York City and grew up in Atlanta, which explains the amalgamation of these two regions’ styles of DJing. It was actually in Atlanta that Iceberg began to DJ. During his time at Georgia State University, he joined the Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity. Drawing influence from a number of major DJs at the time, including Kay Slay, Clue, and Envy, Iceberg’s renown as a DJ grew on campus.

This, combined with his extensive links through his fraternity, led to a number of opportunities arising for Iceberg to perform at a number of venues across his college’s campus. His enthusiasm for these positions, and success while working in them, ultimately resulted in Iceberg earning the title of resident DJ for the Atlanta Greek Picnic (AGP).

Closing Comments

Iceberg continues to impress with his industriousness and raw talent, regardless of the venture he applies himself to. He has been able to take himself from DJing for fun at college to possessing his own music production company and appearing on popular national radio shows due to his talent and personality. This success is expected to undoubtedly continue in his upcoming tour.

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