Time to swap your Spanish paper EU Residence Certificate

Swap the green certificate

Swap the green certificate Credit: Age in Spain

TIME to swap your Spanish paper EU Residence Certificate according to advice from charity Age in Spain.

Since July 6 2020, a new residency document has been available for British people resident in Spain, following the UK’s exit from the EU.

A plastic TIE card (Tarjeta de Identidad Extranjero) replaces the previous paper EU Residence Certificate (green residency document).

Age In Spain is now appealing to those people who have not applied to exchange their green document for a TIE to do so without delay and the organisation, which provides information and support to English speakers living in Spain, is here to help those who want to make the exchange.

Although many have already done this, it believes that a substantial minority have been deterred from applying for a variety of reasons – some are worried about not being able to deal with the bureaucracy involved, don’t know where to start, or don’t feel it’s important, while others just haven’t got round to it.

Many people feel that since the paper certificate is valid indefinitely, it’s preferable to the TIE which needs to be renewed every ten years. But there are serious disadvantages to relying on the paper certificate, as some Spanish authorities no longer accept it as proof of identity and residency.

Helen Weir, chief executive of Age in Spain, has reports of people encountering problems when they only have the paper certificate.

“Some administrative bodies in Spain have stopped recognising the green residency document. In particular, the Employment Office (Oficino de Empleo) have recognised only the TIE since January of this year. So, if you are in employment, on ERTE, or receiving unemployment benefit, it’s imperative that you apply for a TIE.

“There are many advantages to having the TIE, not just its durability. It is evidence that you are officially resident in Spain, it’s valid ID and all you need for internal travel in Spain and it shows clearly that you are under the scope of Britain’s Withdrawal Agreement with the EU.

“Most importantly, it is recognised by every administrative body in Spain.”

Give them a call on +34 932 209 741, 11am to 3pm, or email info@ageinspain.org if you would like help in applying for your TIE.

Another option is to visit their website www.ageinspain.org to find the tools that will help you navigate the application process, even if you do not speak Spanish.

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