Living a dog’s life in La Cala de Mijas

The two ‘dogs’ with ACE founder Fabienne Paques

The two ‘dogs’ with ACE founder Fabienne Paques Credit: ACE

LIVING a dog’s life in La Cala de Mijas by spending 24 hours in the doghouse to raise funds.

Sometimes it needs a special event to raise the public’s attention to the way in which animals are treated.

For this reason, two supporters of the ACE Dog Shelter in La Cala de Mijas, Mitch from Belgium and Kelly from the Netherlands locked themselves in cages a few days ago for 24 hours to experience what it’s like for a dog.

All that they took with them was water, a bucket and loo roll, plus something to sleep on and the promise of sponsorship from supporters of the shelter.

There were literally no home comforts, no mobile phone, tablet, watch, or even a book and they ate with the dogs, too (from a bowl, though they did have the luxury of a spoon).

Their aim was to raise awareness about the sad plight of the millions of dogs living in shelters. Dogs that were once loved by their owners but, for whatever reason, outlived their welcome and were unceremoniously dumped. Dogs that now spend their lives behind bars, enduring hours, days, months of boredom, competing for every bit of attention they can get from a volunteer or carer, while longing for that one person who will come along and give them a forever home.

Mitch and Kelly’s endeavour certainly struck a chord with dog lovers and by the time their 24-hour ‘lock-in’ had come to an end, they had raised over €7,400 to help ACE feed and look after the hundreds of abandoned and unwanted animals in their care.

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