Dirty rats will struggle as Estepona plans to eliminate them

Three months to clear the sewers of rats Credit: Estepona Council

DIRTY rats will struggle as Estepona plans to eliminate them from the 406 kilometres of sewers in the municipality this summer.

Although pest control is a year-round operation, the next three months it will be intensified before the arrival of the hottest temperatures facilitate the population spurt in insects and rodents.

Water company Hidralia has been put in charge of carrying out the campaign which divides Estepona into 54 different sectors in both the urban and outlying areas in order to facilitate the management of biocide treatments.

With 15,225 manhole covers and 9,359 drains throughout the sewer system in the municipality, there is plenty of work to be undertaken

The owners of homes and establishments will be informed by means of posters of the day on which action will be taken in their area and of the possibility that the number of insects on public roads will increase as a result of the treatment.

Hidralia will try to ensure that the work is be carried out first thing in the morning in the most central streets and in commercial areas, so that the daily activity of individuals and businesses is interrupted as little as possible.

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