Improve your visibility with content marketing from WhitePress

Improve your visibility with content marketing from WhitePress

Regardless of whether you already have experience in running an online business or are just taking the first steps towards digitising your offer, constantly increasing your visibility is the key to success. High-level SEO and content marketing services determine the success on the Internet and make it so that some companies cannot keep up with order processing, while others stand idle. How to make sure you belong to the first group? Meet WhitePress – a content marketing platform with which you can reach any global market!  

What exactly is WhitePress?

WhitePress is a content marketing platform which allows you to easily and intuitively publish in 24 languages. Right now, you might be wondering – why would I even want to publish anything?

Publishing sponsored articles or guest posts provides many benefits to your website or online shop, as well as your business in general. First of all, there are the SEO benefits. The articles you publish are usually a subtle form of advertisement. Somewhere in the explanatory and useful content, they will point at you as the answer to a particular reader’s need. This comes in the form of a dofollow link, which improves the SEO strength of your website, allowing you to achieve better positions in SERPs (results of Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines).

Another advantage of publishing articles on external websites is the natural acquisition of valuable traffic. Using the WhitePress content marketing platform, you can choose from over 44,000 websites on which you want to publish. Thanks to this, you can reach exactly the target group that interests you! WhitePress makes every effort to ensure that the websites in their offer are of the highest quality – which means that they are visited by thousands of unique users every day.  Publishing means introducing them to your service or product!    

What if you don’t have anything to publish?

Don’t worry one bit. In addition to being a hub for publishing sponsored articles and guest posts, WhitePress provides a comprehensive answer to all SEO and digital marketing needs. WhitePress employs the best native-speaking copywriters specialising in 24 languages. They provide state-of-the-art services in terms of content creation. You can order copywriting with publishing or any of the two services separately.

Improve your visibility with content marketing from WhitePress

Detailed performance analysis

To ensure the satisfaction of customers publishing through the WhitePress network, its creators provide you with access to a free tracking script to analyse traffic and audience engagement. This allows you to adjust your publishing strategy based on the outcome, and thus improve the results. What if you feel like you don’t have the necessary expertise to pull that off? Nothing to worry about! WhitePress team is always eager to guide its clients on every step of the process, from ordering content, through publication, all the way to adjusting and choosing new sites for posting!

Make your brand known on the market with WhitePress

In addition to supporting SEO activities and acquiring valuable website traffic, content marketing offers one more invaluable benefit – it allows you to create an expert image of your brand. Internet users will start to be aware of the existence of your company – and this will significantly expand the reach of your sales funnel!


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