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Naught Boy

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LAST week’s ‘conspiracy’ piece seems to have caused quite a furore.

Contrary to a number of reader’s opinions, including the correspondent published on the Letters page, I was not stating that all the conspiracy theorists were talking insecure rubbish.

My views were directed more at those that appear to find a conspiracy in almost every major and often minor event that ensues.

I do actually believe in a number of conspiracies. For example, I think it highly possible that Kennedy was taken out by the mob. I consider Marilyn Monroe was murdered, as was Steven Ward and I’m convinced the tragic Dr David Kelly was ‘removed’ before he could reveal the truth about the so-called weapons of mass destruction preceding Blair’s Iraq war fiasco. So ya see the ol’ boy is not averse to the occasional conspiracy theory, just those that are besotted by them.

At this stage I would like to warn everyone that watching too many BBC news programmes is highly likely to make you lose the will to live. Every single bulletin contains so much doom and gloom, I’m surprised British institutions aren’t completely over- flowing with cases of depressive mania.

There is of course method in their cheerless and miserable attitude. Most of their news reports blame the government for just about every UK malady under the sun. If they can manage to turn the whole country into one great big lump of human misery, they may just get the voters opting for a change in the next election – if only to cheer them up!

Don’t laugh (whatever you do!) their dejection and misery methods were highly successful in the local elections. 

Coupled with a relentless, never ending rake up of ‘birthday-gate’ (and their utter lack of enthusiasm for Starmer’s ‘beer-gate’) including the attitudes of every carefully selected interviewee – who almost without exception were predominately left wing, government accusing moaners – they managed to overturn 500 conservative council seats without any new Labour policy declarations or ideas whatsoever!

How quickly they have also managed to cause people to forget the billions the Conservative government handed out to people and businesses in their efforts to help them survive and get through the Covid pandemic.

As for the rising cost of living, plus threats of a possible recession; most of the world’s major countries, après pandemic, are in exactly the same position. It’s not the British government’s fault.

Don’t look to Starmer’s bunch for answers; outside of an energy company ‘windfall tax’ – which would actually be akin to putting a sticking plaster on an amputation – their precious Labour government actually have no ideas whatsoever on how to solve the problems.

I know who I would rather trust to bring the country out the other end of this global nightmare and it aint the likes of Starmer, Angela Rayner or Diana Abbott.

Let old Boris have his cake and eat it I say. I’m sure he won’t be such a naughty boy again’.

Keep the faith.

Love Leapy. 

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