The Court of First Instance and Instruction No. 9 of Arganda del Rey, has ordered their provisional release, provided they appear in court weekly. Their passports have also been withdrawn to stop the couple fleeing the country, although this does not precent them from entering France or Portugal.

Additional information that has come to light suggests that other residents in the block where they lived, regularly heard screaming from the apartment. A neighbour told 20minutos: “The screams could be heard throughout the portal. From the ground floor to the sixth floor.”

The judge presiding over the case has blocked all access to the estate’s funds while investigations continue. as well as giving authorities until Thursday to search the home and to obtain evidence of the poisons use, pending trial.

The judge, who has blocked the inheritance until the investigations are concluded, ordered this Thursday the search of the house of the detainees to locate the alleged materials used for the poisoning, as well as evidence of the alleged homicide.