Gibraltar like the UK will be celebrating the Platinum Jubilee

Queen Elizabeth in Gibraltar 1954

Queen Elizabeth in Gibraltar 1954 Credit: Gibraltar Government

GIBRALTAR like the UK will be celebrating the Platinum Jubilee with two bank holidays on Thursday June 2 and Friday June 3 allowing locals and visitors to enjoy a four-day break.

With their commitment to staying British and loyalty to the Crown some shops may be closed and the streets could be very busy if you are thinking of visiting.

Jubilita Gibraltar celebrates the Jubilee and takes place in three locations starting at 6pm on June 2.

It’s a one-off food festival which will take place in three of Gibraltar’s City Squares – the Theatre Royal Square, John Mackintosh Square and Campion Park and acknowledges each era of Her Majesty’s reign – the Coronation and Silver Jubilee, the Golden Jubilee and of course the Platinum Jubilee.

There is also a Platinum Jubilee exhibition which contains more than 300 caption panels in four main sections, Heiress Presumptive, Accession & Coronation, Royal Tour & Gibraltar Visit, and Seventy Years of Reign.

Organised by the Gibraltar National Archives, it should be remembered that the Queen has only visited Gibraltar once as long ago as 1954, although Prince Edward Duke of Wessex and Sophie Countess of Wessex are due on the Rock between June 7 and 9 to represent Her Majesty.

Admission is free between June 7 and July 22 at the Gustavo Bacarisas Gallery in Casemates Square.

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