Authentic copies

Lukasz Drozdzeil – Undercover Music Festival

Lukasz Drozdzeil – Undercover Music Festival

ONE of the things I think us residents now associate with Marbella are all the ‘authentic’ copies of top brand items that one can buy at every turn. Some of them are that good that one has to wonder if there really is a ‘night shift’ when companies manufacture their own knock-offs.  Plus, once you use them anywhere other than where they’re being sold, no one would think to even question it.

Such was the criteria to select the bands taking part in the Undercover Music Festival being held at the Marbella Arena on June 24 and 26.

If you’re into the music of the likes of Led Zeppelin, Oasis, Coldplay, Guns n Roses, Elton John and the Rolling Stones then this is certainly for you. Although perhaps not officially the real deal, the talent of those performing is so authentic that even the original artists pay them tribute.

Following my interview with the organiser, Lukasz, for Marbella Now (airing tonight at 11pm on RTV Marbella) I feel you too will be totally convinced that although it will be tribute bands playing, we won’t know the difference.   He heartily encourages everyone to check out the website to see and hear for ourselves and to please buy our tickets now. There are all types of options available at affordable prices to boost this new venture, for example family tickets are available from €50 for four people, so please don’t be afraid to check it out!  It’s an enormous undertaking to put on an event like this so please do be supportive and above all, interactive.

I’m not getting commission for promotion by the way it’s just that I’m delighted with the ‘renaissance’ of the Marbella bullring and this is why.

When staying here as a child everyone offered to make the tourists posters, personalised with your name as the prominent bullfighter.  Later on living here throughout my 20s it was apparent that the bullring and bullfights were very much a prominent part of the Spanish way of life. 

I preferred not to associate this emblematic building with that but instead with the fabulous concerts I went to and the great memories. It has been a shame to see it lifeless for so long and this new lease of life can make it once again an important feature in our city. The upcoming concerts can only but help further establish that.

‘Us locals’ can help too. If you have passed by what is now known as the Marbella Arena you may have noticed that there’s an increasing number and variety of restaurants, bars and shops. If you get a chance please do check it out; there’s parking! Also, if you like music, don’t let Lukasz sweat too long and get your tickets now! I look forward to seeing you there.

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