Terrible idea

Terrible Idea

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JUST when you thought you heard it all, up pops an organisation that has recently suggested we should ‘off’ old people as a ‘favour to our children’! Yep, you ‘eard. ‘The World Economic Forum’ is an extremely well-financed outfit which has its finger in a positive global pie shop. It is also a somewhat shady union of powerful left thinking people who want to change the world. This latest edict does actually take the whole tin.

They consider that the world is grossly over populated and to give our children a better chance, old people should take voluntary euthanasia – and they are deadly serious. They have actually produced a video full of assenting geriatrics, stating they have had a good life and as there are too many humans on the planet, elderly people who are no longer productive should opt for euthanasia. You really couldn’t make it up.

Personally I find this group a highly dangerous and disturbing bunch of nutters, but what is most disturbing is that its founder, Klaus Schwab, is a billionaire, and one of its major affiliations is the ‘Open Society Foundation,’ a corporation funded and chaired by George Soros, who has already given away some 32 billion dollars to various organisations around the world. We’re talking truly serious money which in the hands of people who condone the ‘offing’ of old people, simply cannot be taken lightly.

The only upside of these organisations seeking to initiate the ‘great reset’, is that Schwab is over 84 and Soros 91 years old. Perhaps they would like to lead by example and be the first to ‘off’ themselves? Preferably on television, so we can all heave a sigh of relief! Now that would be worth tuning in for.   

Could you believe that cynical hypocrite Meghan Markle actually showed up at the scene of the tragic Texas massacre of the innocents, insisting that she was there as a Mother!? Did anyone actually believe that she was there for any other reason than a cold blooded opportunist attempt to milk all the publicity she could from a press that she knew would be there in droves? I actually gave ginger and whinger’s marriage three years. What I didn’t take into account was her obviously fanatical desire to retain some vestige of royalty in her self-serving existence.

If the Queen had allowed them onto the balcony for the Jubilee celebrations, it would have been a mistake of epic proportions. What it would have done however is show this gruesome twosome just exactly how the British people feel. Have no doubt, the boos and catcalls would have reverberated around the globe. But don’t hold yer breath, these two could still slither in there somewhere; they are so arrogant they may just believe they are still welcome in the UK. Some chance.

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    • david derry

      11 November 2022 • 09:35

      leapy why cant i find and read your column can you tell me how thanks.

      • Guest Writer

        11 November 2022 • 11:24

        David, to read Leapy every week simply click onto the heading Virtual Editions on the EWN website and you will see the latest paper from all six regions. As his articles appear in each edition, simply scroll through the page until you find Leapy’s column

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