Fuengirola free escape room is dedicated to gender equality

Councillor Rodríguez announced the escape room

Councillor Rodríguez announced the escape room Credit: Fuengirola Council

FUENGIROLA free escape room is dedicated to gender equality and is aimed at young adults over 12-years-old.

It will be held at the Colores de Los Boliches building on Thursday June 9 and Friday June 10 with seven daily sessions from noon to 8.40pm.

The event is all about Las Sinsombrero who were a group of women artists born between 1898 and 1914.

They were painters, poets, novelists, sculptors and illustrators who, with their work and activism, tried to change the existing norms in the Spain of the 1920s and 1930s.

They were ground breaking, transgressive, brave and fighting women who entered the artistic world of the time without complexes, confronting social norms and claiming an intellectual role in a traditionally masculine space.

Thus, through taking part in the one-hour escape test those participating will, by solving a number of tests and riddles learn more about gender-based violence and the need to eradicate it.

Those wishing to take part must email inscripciones.areaigualdad@fuengirola.org to register in advance for this unique opportunity to enjoy a different and fun leisure and cultural activity.

There is no cost to Fuengirola taxpayers as the activity is being financed in full by the State Pact against Gender Violence, with the aim of raising awareness of equality among the young and thus contributing to the prevention of gender violence.

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