President of the Junta de Andalucia Juanma Moreno visited La Linea

Gibraltar the ‘elephant in the room’

Gibraltar the ‘elephant in the room’ Credit: Junta de Andalucia

PRESIDENT of the Junta de Andalucia Juanma Moreno visited La Linea de la Concepcion recently, ostensibly to view the work on the local football stadium.

On the campaign trail with elections due to take place on Sunday June 19, it was clear that he needed to assure those living in the shadow of the Rock and depending on Gibraltar for their livelihoods that the Partido Popular (PP) was not likely to hurt them.

Although the official release from the Junta made no mention of Gibraltar, the Gibraltar Chronicle reported that Mr Moreno said that while Spain’s position on sovereignty remained unchanged, “what interests me” is that any agreement should benefit the Campo as well as Gibraltar.

It may well be however that even though the PP is well ahead in the polls, if it cannot obtain a majority then it may have to form a coalition with VOX which has already said that it wants to close the border between Spain and Gibraltar, but only when it has found jobs for the 11,000 Spaniards currently working there.

In an interview with Area, he said he respected Vox but believed it had “a huge lack of understanding” about politics in Andalucia, not least with its past calls for Spain to close the border with Gibraltar.

Adding realistically, “Closing the border means sending 11,000 families to the dole.”

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