My Blue Badge = My Freedom: Join the Euro Weekly News´campaign to protect the most vulnerable

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BREXIT may have changed many things, from voting rights to the exchange rate. 

One of the things the UK´s departure from the European Union has not changed however is the health problems many UK nationals living abroad or visiting the country face daily.  And nor should Brexit affect rights for the disabled.

Health is universal, unaffected political leanings or country borders.  And that is why the Euro Weekly News has put together a campaign to push the UK and Spanish governments to work together to secure the same rights for British Blue Badge holders that they had before Brexit.

Spain is one of the few EU countries to not allow UK Blue Badges, making getting around harder for disabled UK nationals living in Spain for up to 180 days a year, for those who did not apply for the Spanish disabled badge in time before Brexit, and those visiting the country.

If you believe the most vulnerable should be protected, please sign our petition below.

My Badge = My Freedom

I am calling on the Spanish and UK governments to work together to allow UK Blue Badges to be used by vulnerable elderly and disabled people living in and visiting Spain.

UK Blue Badges had been accepted in Spain through an informal agreement between the two countries however now many UK nationals are finding their badges are no longer being accepted in Spain.

Please work together to find a resolution to this issue to improve accessibility for the disabled.

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Written by

Sally Underwood

Sally Underwood is a former aide to several former cabinet members and now contributes her views on Parliament’s ever-changing shape in her column for the Euro Weekly News.


    • John Little

      16 June 2022 • 11:34

      This paper keeps banging on about how hard it is for Brits after Brexit. All those who voted for it should have thought a bit harder. You wanted freedom, you got it. If you cant handle it go back to the UK and have fun queuing with all the illegals to get your handouts.

      • Fred Smith

        18 June 2022 • 22:41

        What a PRAT who do you think you are? probably the first should hard times hit, to run back to mother England and collect the Handouts

    • M

      16 June 2022 • 15:17

      Disabilty rights is a part of any civilised country and should have no restrictions. Therefore for Spain to adopt this discriminatory practise goes against the values of a civilised country and I would argue against the EU’s position. Having said that people living in Spain who voted to remain in the EU must feel persecuted by this callous act, I believe the best option would be a case to be brought to the Court of Human Rights and lets see the result of a so called “civilised” approach to this matter.

    • John Potter

      18 June 2022 • 12:48

      It goes further than this.Has anyone tried to renew the honour badge when itexpires for a Spanish one, Absolutely no chance,months of form filling,doctors appointments,visit to doctors in Alicante to finally be told sorry but your wife is only 32 % disabled so does not qualify for a badge.Mywife has a below knee amputation and has arthritis

    • Brian FullerSmyth

      25 June 2022 • 08:19

      Most countries appear to accept the British blue badge and until today I did not know that I could potentially receive a fine when I am in Spain on holiday.

    • Marilyn Smyth

      25 June 2022 • 08:21

      I did not know this was an issue.. I cannot understand why Spain would not be doing the same as other countries especially as we have a property here but live in the UK so cannot get a Spanish badge ..

    • Lalabibi Ali

      05 December 2022 • 20:02

      Brexit should never had happend, I really dont know why you Brits voted for it.


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