How to promote a fitness blog on Instagram

If you want to get an increase in customers, increase their return and increase your income, then this article is for you, no matter who you are: a manager, marketer, SMM manager of a fitness club, or just a fitness coach.

Why Instagram? Because it is one of the most popular social networks all over the world. Moreover, through this platform, trainers or fitness clubs can receive up to 99% of their clients. Today we will talk about how to promote your account without having to buy Instagram followers often.

Features of promotion of fitness brands in social networks

Before taking on the direct promotion of an account on a fitness theme, you should familiarise yourself with the main features of this process.

  1. Firstly, the posts should focus on the topic of a healthy lifestyle.
  2. Secondly, it is advisable to unobtrusively talk about services in publications so that a stable association of your fitness brand with health and beauty is gradually fixed in the minds of consumers.
  3. Thirdly, you can use all possible SMM channels (Instagram, Facebook, etc.).

If you follow these conditions then you will be able to succeed without having to buy real Instagram followers.

How can a fitness trainer or club find and attract clients?

One of the important points that a trainer needs to keep in mind when promoting their services in social networks is that their main task is to solve the client’s problems. This is what you need to focus on when choosing the wording for presenting yourself in a profile, and you should also follow other rules.

Below we will tell you more about what tips you should follow so that you do not have to constantly buy real instagram followers.

Get to know the client and get as much information about him as possible

You should not start working with a client or describe your activities in the profile header using standard templates like. Instead, when meeting with a client, invite him to speak about himself, his lifestyle, habits, etc. Based on the data obtained at the first stage, you will be able to focus on the goals of the client and more accurately solve his problems, which means you will earn more respect in relation to yourself as a professional.

Do not offer standard training programs and formulaic meal plans

As a rule, training and nutrition programs similar to those offered by other trainers can only solve the client’s problems in the short term. At some point, the motivation to follow them disappears, because a person does not understand what effect the prescribed fitness course, combined with proper nutrition, has on the body and body. In this regard, the task of a professional trainer is to teach the client to listen to his body.

Help turn fitness into a habit

Agree that now on the network you can find a wide variety of exercises for self-fulfillment. Therefore, the role of a good fitness trainer is not to give their client a list of them, but to instil a love of sports and a healthy lifestyle.

Develop a quality training system

It is a big mistake if a fitness trainer either offers the same training scheme to all clients in a row, which turned out to be successful for himself, or gives different schemes one after another until one of them works. So, the client is just wasting his time and money.

To avoid this, it is worth focusing your efforts on creating an optimal system of fitness exercises for each client, thanks to which it will be possible to obtain the desired result.


If you are aiming for high results from SMM, it is important to have a good understanding of the specifics of working with buyers of sports services. This will help you better understand customer needs and, combined with the use of trending marketing tools, will ensure that your offers hit the target audience more accurately.



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