My Blue Badge = my Freedom: Join our campaign to secure rights for the disabled

My Blue Badge = my Freedom: Join our campaign to secure rights for the disabled. Image: Shutterstock

BREXIT may have changed many things, from voting rights to the exchange rate. 

One of the things the UK´s departure from the European Union has not changed however is the health problems many UK nationals abroad face daily. And nor should Brexit affect rights for the disabled.

Health is universal, unaffected political leanings or country borders.  And that is why the Euro Weekly News has put together a campaign to push the UK and Spanish governments to work together to secure the same rights for British Blue Badge holders that they had before Brexit.

Thousands of UK nationals either living in Spain for up to three months a year or visiting the country had previously been able to use their blue disabled badges to park freely and accessibly in Spain due to an informal agreement between the two countries.

Since Brexit, negotiations had been ongoing between the UK and Spain over whether to continue this agreement, securing rights some of the most vulnerable Britons living in Spain.

In September 2021 however, the UK government updated their advice to say that the issue was “undecided,” meaning that for many people their Blue Badges were no longer recognised across Spain, either making parking more difficult or risking fines for thousands of people.

For many pensioners and disabled their car is their lifeline, giving them access to shops, doctors visits, and all important social contact with their community.

Cutting off this access, especially post-Covid, is making life harder for many elderly and disabled. Others, with limited access to Spanish administrative assistance, are daunted by the prospect of now having to apply for the Spanish equivalent.

That´s why the Euro Weekly News would like you to get involved pushing the British government to work with their Spanish equivalents on a resolution.

Help to make this resolution the right one by signing our petition and sharing our message as widely as possible.

My Badge = My Freedom

I am calling on the Spanish and UK governments to work together to allow UK Blue Badges to be used by vulnerable elderly and disabled people living in and visiting Spain.

UK Blue Badges had been accepted in Spain through an informal agreement between the two countries however now many UK nationals are finding their badges are no longer being accepted in Spain.

Please work together to find a resolution to this issue to improve accessibility for the disabled.

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Written by

Sally Underwood

Sally Underwood is a former aide to several former cabinet members and now contributes her views on Parliament’s ever-changing shape in her column for the Euro Weekly News.


    • M

      17 June 2022 • 13:18

      Spain has a poor track record with their own Disabled population untill joining the EU it was pitiful, What I dont understand is why Spain is choosing to discriminate of Health matters, This is definitely a case for the Court of Human Rights. I am sure there would be plenty of Lawyers willing to drag Spain through the Courts to explain the discrimination of the sick and disabled people who I am definatly sure are struggling with day to day activities through this blatent policy.


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