COVID-19: The effects of the Pfizer vaccination on male fertility

COVID-19: The effects of the Pfizer vaccination on male fertility. CC/Creative Commons Attribution 2.0

COVID-19: Does the Pfizer vaccination have an effect on male fertility is the question News Medical is asking today, Tuesday, June 21

Researchers have been addressing a recent Israeli study where they tested sperm donors to see if the Covid-19 Pfizer vaccination had any effect on male fertility, according to News Medical.

220 semen samples from 37 sperm donors were used in the study at Sheba Medical Centre in Israel.

All the participants had received two vaccinations and were all testing negative for Covid-19.

The average age of the donors was 26 years old.

The study findings showed that overall while sperm concentration was reduced after three months of the Pfizer vaccine it did subsequently recover.

It was, however, suggested that further studies would be useful. 

Creating a vaccine in under one year is no small feat. While the coronavirus pandemic made a new normal of mask-wearing and physical distancing, it also spurred global cooperation for vaccine research and distribution.

However, a vaccine is only effective if people are willing to receive it. With rapid research development, some may be concerned that the vaccine was rushed, and with these concerns comes vaccine hesitancy.

Under normal circumstances, making a vaccine can take up to 10–15 years. This is because of the complexity of vaccine development.

However, amid a global pandemic, time was a luxury the world could not afford. Researchers quickly mobilised to share their coronavirus data with other scientists.

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      We could have taken all the time in the world. Covid was not and is not any more dangerous than the flu. there was no need to inject anyone with an expermiental drug. All the drama was ridiculous but unfortunately most of the world were sucked in by the fear porn and now we a reaping what was sowed, including the so called SADS, which is just a cover up for vaccine injuries. They aren´t even vaccines in the true sense of the word. This whole situation has been manufactued, the same as the current war in the ukraine has been manufactured and the food shortages have been manufactured. Go look up Agenda 30 and the Great Reset if you don´t believe me. none of it is “sonspiracy theory” it´s all there in black and white. people need to get their heads out of the sand

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