Foreign residents of Estepona are represented by AREME

Estepona Old Town Hall

Estepona Old Town Hall Credit: Luzzyacentillo CC

FOREIGN residents of Estepona are represented by AREME (Foreign Residents Association of Estepona) and the Council Foreigners Department.

As long ago as 2000, the official responsible for foreign residents in the town hall was tasked with organising a foreign fair day and this went on for some six years and then in 2013 the association was created before reforming in 2018 with a new constitution and was registered as a charity.

It acts as a conduit to funnel complaints and suggestions from foreign residents to the local council and is now looking for more members as the more there are, the more ‘clout’ it will have with officials.

Membership costs just €5 per annum for which you will receive a monthly newsletter and access to the AREME Facebook page and whilst it is in the process of updating its web page, the best way to discuss joining is by emailing

It must be stressed that all foreign nationals are very welcome to join, but because of its charitable stratus, Spanish passport holders cannot be accepted.

Currently, AREME is campaigning for work to be undertaken on the footbridge over the A7 at Benavista which is the only one between Malaga and Cadiz which is not able to be used by those in wheelchairs.

In addition, it is trying to obtain free bus passes throughout the municipality for residents and to encourage the council to not only repaint all pedestrian crossings but to pass a local bylaw to stop vehicles parking within five metres of all crossings.

Another proposal is that local IBI payments be made on a staged basis to make it easier for residents to afford paying their council-imposed tax.

If you want to find out more and enjoy a quiz, one of the committee members hosts a fortnightly Thursday evening quiz at the gastropub Vice Versa in Estepona Port.

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