How to make SMS marketing your brand’s secret weapon

How make SMS marketing your brand’s secret weapon

If you own a business, you must find a way to gain a competitive advantage. Doing so will help you get more revenue and position your brand as an industry leader.

But what secret weapon can you use to gain this competitive edge? One way is to focus on SMS marketing. This form of marketing involves sending promotions to your audience and customers through text messages, and several companies and organisations have profited from using this strategy.

In today’s article, we will discuss how you can make SMS marketing your brand’s secret weapon. You will find out the factors you should consider to run a successful text message marketing campaign. So, without further ado, let’s jump right in.

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Personalise Your Approach

Even if you use a top retail text message marketing platform, note that your company is not the only brand using SMS marketing to drive sales and build good customer relationships. So, if you want to stand out and make this form of marketing your secret weapon, you need to personalise your approach. Ideally, it is best to have a brand tone to let your audience quickly identify you.

But that’s not all. Customers expect a personal touch these days. Thus, craft your messages in a friendly way and make them meaningful. If you have any qualifying information about your sales leads, put it to good use. Include the links, deals and information to make your message relevant and stand out. This will encourage readers to perform an action and buy from your business, thus leading to more revenue.

Follow Hot Leads

While it is good to reach out to your entire audience with well-thought and meaningful text messages, it is even better to follow hot leads. Whether a new person is subscribing to your SMS marketing list or someone previously on the verge of buying from you, you must follow up on them quickly.

People are always on their phones and want instant responses. So, if you take too long to respond to them performing an action or reaching out to your brand, they’ll likely move to the next brand. If you plan to start out SMS marketing, using a tool you can easily integrate with your CRM system can be advantageous. This way, new customers get added to your messaging lists instantly.

And when you do have new customers on your SMS marketing list, it is a good idea to send a welcome message. In the message, set expectations about how often you will be sending messages and the value you want to add to them. This will help them understand what they stand to enjoy from your brand’s SMS campaign.

Use Promos and Time-Limited Offers

Another way to make SMS marketing your brand’s secret weapon is by incorporating promotions and time-limited offers. For instance, you can create coupons and send them to your customers via text to buy goods at a discounted price. You can also send alerts and reminders of special promo sales, such as when you have your anniversary or holiday sales like the Black Friday sales.

Besides sending coupon codes to subscribers on your SMS list, it’s also an excellent strategy to use time-limited offers. This is called the Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO), and research has shown that it works pretty well in getting people to buy products. For instance, you can run a massive discount sale within 24 hours. Since most of your customers may be drawn by that offer, they will want to purchase your products and services within that period to avoid missing out.

Get More Qualifying Information

If you are keen on running a successful text messaging campaign, you must know more about your audience. And the best way to do this is to get more qualifying information from them through feedback.

You can create a survey where you ask your audience about their email, age, gender, location, etc. This will help you segment your audience correctly and tailor your messages more specifically to the right segments. For instance, if you have new lingerie and female underpants, it would make sense to target this at ladies in your SMS list and not everyone.

By having more qualifying information about your audience, you can also understand them better and personalise messages to them. For example, it appeals more when customers see that you mention their name in an SMS instead of just calling them a client or something similar.

However, you must be careful about how you request more information from your audience, as people are often sensitive about giving details about themselves. Get the information gradually, or throw in an incentive that will require your audience to fill in some details about themselves before they can take advantage of it.

Summing It Up

Using the right strategy, you can make SMS marketing your brand’s secret weapon. But remember that you need to put in the work to run a successful text messaging campaign. Start by personalising your approach to stand out from the competition and make it a habit to follow up on leads.

In addition, you can use promotions and time-limited offers to get your audience to purchase your products. Likewise, don’t forget to get more qualifying information from your clients and potential customers, as relating with them in a personalised way can turn them into loyal customers.

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