Children at risk of Monkeypox by end of the year

children at risk of monkeypox

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Children at risk of Monkeypox by end of the year unless 4 times the amount of vaccinations are rolled out in Britain to halt the spread. 

Public health experts have estimated that 200,000 vaccine doses will be necessary in order to control the spread of the virus. This is 4 times the 50,000 vaccine doses currently on order. 

The UK has already seen almost 2000 cases of monkeypox in recent weeks and months, and cases are believed to be doubling every 2 weeks. 

Monkeypox is a relatively rare disease which shows up as a rash. It can often be confused with chickenpox. Raised spots turn into small fluid-filled blisters which eventually form scabs and fall off as part of the healing process. Monkeypox can be prevented by vaccines used against smallpox due to the genetic similarity of the viruses.

The majority of cases in the UK and in America have been identified in gay men. Many members of the LGBTQ community are concerned that these statistics will lead to the stigmatisation of the virus and prevent those at risk or suffering from Monkeypox from seeking out the medical treatment that they need. 

Former head of the US covid task force, Dr Deborah Birx, has commented that “If you’re at a gay bar and you’re dancing, then there is a risk of infection”, despite the virus being transmitted through physical contact rather than busting a move on the dance floor. 

Britons are concerned that monkeypox will spread to children, in whom the symptoms of the virus could be more severe, due to the insufficient number of vaccine doses available. A class of school children were sent home last Thursday after one child came into contact with a monkeypox case. 

Parents were advised to refrain from hugging or coming into close contact with their children. As a result, the vaccinations are now being extended to the young population as well as to adults. 

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    • Alicat2441

      19 July 2022 • 19:14

      Really? A virus that is affecting only men, and only a certain class of men, is a danger to children. That’s what governments are going with? Look at the lines for the vaccine in NYC. No kids or women. It’s all men who are part of or fool with others in the alphabet community.

    • Ajax

      19 July 2022 • 19:43

      “Dancing” might be a euphemism in Dr. Birx’s mind. And if you’re not sure whether it’s a blister or a hemorrhoid, maybe don’t chance it.

    • Mim

      19 July 2022 • 22:04

      Total BS. Wake up, people. They are still trying to kill you

    • Jimi

      19 July 2022 • 23:42

      Ha! How many children frequent gay bars in Britain?

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