A few tips which will be helpful to combat overheating

Cool down with a cold shower Credit: HUUM on Unsplash

A FEW tips which will be helpful to combat overheating and heat related illness this summer.

As Britain swelters in record breaking heat, the Costs del Sol is nowhere near as hot at the moment, but it will still be very hot continuously for some time.

Whilst fans are useful, not everyone realises that although they create air flow, this could cause a false sense of comfort but don’t reduce body temperature or prevent heat-related illnesses.

Those who have air conditioning and can afford to use it would be well advised to do so and wherever possible bring down terrace blinds and pull curtains.

Despite the fact that many elderly Mediterranean ladies wear black all year round, the current view is that you will keep cooler if you wear loose, lightweight, light-coloured clothing and take cool showers or baths if you get too hot.

Some tips are obvious but still need to be repeated so don’t leave children, the elderly or pets in a car whilst you go shopping, try not to use ovens if you can use a hob or eat a salad and always keep hydrated with plenty of water and little alcohol.

If you have to go out use sunscreen and cover your head and if you wear a mask, make sure it’s made from cotton rather than a synthetic material.

Be alert for signs of heat exhaustion such as soaring temperature, hot dry skin with no sweat, rapid pulse, dizziness or confusion.

If you have an animal then follow simple rules as dogs don’t sweat but pant and should never be given ice cubes as this could cause a very adverse reaction and always remember that a dog’s paws are vulnerable to hot surfaces.

Plenty of water and shade will keep most animals comfortable.

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