Spanish families are not going to suffer gas cuts

Minister Ribera made Spain’s position clear

Minister Ribera made Spain’s position clear Credit: Ministry for Economic Transition

“SPANISH families are not going to suffer gas cuts or power cuts in their homes; and no matter what happens, we are going to defend the position of the Spanish industry” were the strong words of Spain’s Teresa Ribera.

Speaking about the European Union call for all member states to reduce gas usage voluntarily due to the situation with Russia on July 20, the Minister for Ecological Transition was very clear about the Spanish response to this suggestion.

“The proposal of the European Commission is not necessarily the most effective, nor the most efficient, nor the fairest.

“We are supportive and we will continue to be so; in fact, in the last month, 20 per of the gas we imported was exported directly or indirectly to other EU member states.”

Although the concept is currently voluntary and would run until March 2023, it has been suggested that the EU could make this mandatory for all members and she made it clear that Spain does not rely on Russian gas and therefore she expects to debate this matter on July 26 at the next meeting of the European Energy Council.

She said “Spain is a pro-European country, with a pro-European and supportive society; therefore, I deeply regret saying that Spain does not support this proposal”, before adding that “it is proposed without prior discussion, without a general debate in the European Council, even when the economic consequences and in terms of impact redistributive is particularly important”.

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