Online Casino vs Land-based: which is the best way to play?

Online Casino Vs Land-based: which is the best way to play?

Games of chance date as far back into the history books as Ancient Egypt, where the first ever dice were found. Since then, new games have been developed, with early forms of the likes of Blackjack and Roulette spinning through time and landing in many gambling houses we know today.

As the games gained more popularity, more casinos were built, and when online casino gaming took to the scene in 1996, the industry was revolutionised. In fact, you can now play live casino games online, with a real-life dealer hosting your favourite games, without even having to leave your house. So, with the industry ever-changing, we’re left with the question: which is best – playing casino games online, or at a land-based establishment?

Read on to find out more.

Online gaming

When playing online, arguably the biggest advantage is the accessibility of all your favourite games. You can play any time you’d like, on any device, as long as you have a stable internet connection.  Also, with so many options right at the tip of your fingers, you’ll never need to wander around a land-based casino to find your next gaming adventure again!

Other advantages include:

  • Casino bonuses and promotions

Some online casino sites might offer bonuses for new and existing customers to help you make the most out of your gameplay. These could come in the forms of Welcome Bonuses, Loyalty Bonuses or No Deposit Bonuses, and involve the likes of free spins or credits deposited into your account for use on certain games.

  • Variety of games

There’s also a huge variety of games at an online casino, with some that would just be impossible to find at a land-based establishment. If it’s Slots you’re after, you could go spinning with Ancient Egyptians, or sailing the Seven Seas with pirates. Or, you could play Football Roulette, Quantum Blackjack, and even Monopoly Live!

  • Live dealer gaming

Speaking of Monopoly Live, the live dealer games are arguably the most popular part of online casino gaming. You can play in real-time, with a professional dealer hosting the game from a specialist studio – it really is the most authentic casino experience you could find, without having to leave your house.

Land-based gaming

Whilst playing online is so easy, there’s nothing quite like getting dressed up into your fanciest outfit and spending the night soaking up the casino atmosphere. With places all over the world offering unique experiences, you could find casinos offering much more than just gaming. Some casino resorts will house multiple bars, clubs, spas, pools, a shopping centre, golf course and star-studded entertainment. Some other advantages of land-based gaming include:

  • Socialising

Despite online live games having a live chat feature to keep the social-aspect of gaming alive, you can’t beat sharing the joy and anticipation of a spinning Roulette wheel, or practicing your Poker face with other players.

  • History

Of course, there are some iconic casinos throughout history, with incredible décor, artwork and so much more for you to discover than just the games. Take the Monte Carlo Casino, for example, there’s a marble and gold atrium, statues and so much more to see within the gaming palace.

  • Atmosphere

The minute you step foot into a land-based venue, you’ll feel a sense of class, excitement and hope making up the incredible atmosphere that just cannot be replicated online.

Which is the best way to play?

The question remains: which is the best way to play – at a land-based venue or online? Well, it’s clear that both ways have their own unique advantages, some which just cannot be compared to the other. So, ultimately, it’s down to you which way to play best suits your style of gaming. Perhaps you want to play online to brush up on your skills and get that practice in before visiting a land-based casino? Or, you prefer to stay curled up on the sofa, travelling the world through Slots. The choice is yours…


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