Belgian artist has created an air balloon shaped like a new born

Baby You ready to take off

Baby You ready to take off Credit: Przekrój Foundation

BELGIAN artist has created an air balloon shaped like a new born baby and it had its first flight over Antwerp in August.

Conceived by Bart Van Peel, commissioned by Przekrój Foundation, a Polish arts organisation and built by Cameron Balloons in Bristol, England it also took nine months to create, the same gestation period as a human baby.

Christened Baby You, the 34-metre-long hot air balloon is, according to the artist, is a reminder of the togetherness of people and the precious nature of life – joyful, full of wonder, and present in the here and now.

The process of making a specially-shaped inflatable was a challenging one; to get the desired look and make it airborne you need the right mix of aesthetic, technical, and aeronautical elements and there were plenty of false starts and returns to the drawing board before it was completed.

The most difficult part was inflating the baby’s head, requiring the development of new techniques to direct the spread of air throughout its internal structure.

The concept is to see the sleeping baby lying on top of soft clouds as one of the most complicated and heaviest hot air balloons journeys through the sky on its own voyage of discovery.

From Antwerp it is due to appear at the UK’s Eden Arts Festival in September, 2022 and in the following years, it will fly across Europe and the United States, collaborating with various festivals and organisations.

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