Holiday education and a free fun exhibition at Fuengirola Museum

Building of the Pyramids as part of the History section Credit: Fuengirola Council

HOLIDAY education and a free fun exhibition at Fuengirola Museum runs until August 31 telling the story of the world in plasticine .

The Plastihistory of Humanity and Science is a unique way for children (and perhaps a few adults) to learn about about the history of humanity and science told through plasticine figures.

There are two separate displays created by the EDUCA Foundation consisting of dioramas that cover History, from the Palaeolithic to now, passing through Egypt, the Phoenicians, Ancient Rome, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and the conquest of space.

Visitors will be able to see the construction of the pyramids, the Trojan horse, Michelangelo’s David, the French Revolution and much more.

The Science option is made up of a series of scenes that recreate inventions and world changing discoveries from Isaac Newton to Benjamin Franklin and beyond with a visit to, Morse, the inventor of the telegraph, Marie Curie and the discovery of DNA, all faithfully reproduced in surprising high quality considering they are made in plasticine.

The exhibition is open to the public from Tuesday to Friday afternoon, from 6pm to 10pm and with the addition of 10am to 2pm on weekends.

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