Mike Senker: Conspiracy theories, education and trial and error

Mike Senker: Conspiracy theories, education and trial and error

Mike Senker: Conspiracy theories, education and trial and error. image: twitter

How come even though all the right authorities in the USA have had access to Jeffrey Epstein’s and Ghislaine Maxwell’s address books plus, I’m guessing some witness statements, they are the only two nicked? And he supposedly topped himself. Bit strange isn’t it? Or is it me just thinking there might be a conspiracy going on?

Conspiracy theories don’t seem so ridiculous these days. I reckon in a few years’ time you will be seeing adverts and getting ‘phone calls asking, ‘Were you vaccinated between 2020 and 2022? If so, you may be entitled to a serious amount of compensation’ and I’m not joking!

I think it’s time to change what is taught in school. Get rid of all the tosh that 99 per cent of all students will never use and start teaching them how to feed a family of four when energy bills and food bills add up to more than you earn a month. Learning French won’t help when you can’t feed your kids or pay your rent or mortgage. Idiots in Parliament do not live in the real world. Children should be taught that politicians will lie just to get votes. Teach that instead of how the theory of politics should work.

I’m not very clever. My daughter on the other hand is so I found it almost impossible to help her with homework when she was growing up. I was however, for some reason, quite a good retailer and salesperson. So one day I was really pleased when she asked me to look at her business studies paper that she had got top marks for.

I looked at it and said that it was a really good bit of work and her marks were fabulous but if you tried to put it into the real world it would be a disaster and not be a profitable business because there were so many ‘problems’ that had not been taken into consideration. The point I was trying to teach her was that when doing a business plan it can’t just be done by the book. There are so many variables and none of these are taught or even discussed. I remember one occasion at school I was asked a maths question and although I got the answer right I didn’t show the way I worked it out so therefore it was marked wrong. I admittedly did it by trial and error but that’s how you have to do things sometimes in the real world.

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