Highly successful businessman and humanitarian – Dr. Yasam Ayavefe shares his views in creating a better world

Highly successful businessman and humanitarian – Dr. Yasam Ayavefe shares his views in creating a better world

Serial entrepreneur, a generous philanthropist, founder and chairman of Milaya Capital Limited, we are honored to be in the presence of Dr. Yasam Ayavefe. A man who is undoubtedly far more than his accomplishments, his passion to better humankind on a global level, he uses his education, experience, and success to improve education, technology, and our environment. He is consistently seeking avenues to improve our world. 

Of course, with his extensive education and vast knowledge in his field, we thought it imperative to ask him to elaborate on the educational environment creating future leaders. His answers were unlike any other businessman we’ve had the opportunity to interview regarding the promotion of education, and we found his answers quite impressive.

It is essential to promote education among children and teenagers. Education is an excellent notion that begins when the mind begins to evolve at a young age and continues throughout one’s lifetime. My general impression is that education is well-taught in schools, the way it should be. 

But the misunderstanding begins with the erroneous assumption that education only occurs in formal institutions. It is a critical topic that extends far beyond the classroom. We must also learn to be empathetic and helpful to one another; we must learn to appreciate and nurture nature and progress and become better beings.”  

In addition to relaying his belief in the value of education beginning at a very young age, we were fascinated when Dr. Yasam Avayefe included that education extends beyond a classroom setting. His belief that empathy, encouragement, helping one another, and the appreciation of nature should be taught and valued to create a better world made this interview unparalleled compared to others who share their success stories. This businessman is a philanthropist who is without reservation when he shares his generous beliefs in helping today’s youth better one another. 

We addressed the subject with his substantial background and portfolio in the field of finances and given; Cryptocurrency is certainly a positive to our environmental and economic systems. “Allow me to state that the way we use money has shifted dramatically due to new technology, financial innovations, and the rapid emergence of digital currencies. As a result, money is evolving, and the financial institutions currently regulating it face competition from innovative technologies such as cryptocurrencies with faster, more robust economic systems. 

Cryptocurrency utilization can benefit everyone, from the individual to the nation. Both sides can benefit from increasing prospects for financial inclusion, ownership, and power at lower costs and highly improved privacy. Thus, I believe cryptocurrencies and other innovative technology in this field are the future.” 

Innovative technology relating to crypto needs to be implemented within this realm and many other fields. Climate change is a global passion for this businessman, and WGC Token, a blockchain-based cryptocurrency, will be utilized to assist the changes directed towards climate change. Transferring portions of WGC tokens into global funds for tree planting is a project in which Dr. has thoroughly immersed himself. Although we were obliged to inquire about his thoughts on climate change and its consequences on the Earth, his answers were compelling.

The sea level may rise, seasons may change, warmer days may occur, food supply may decline, and some species may become extinct, resulting in biodiversity loss. These are only a fraction of the many impacts associated with climate change. According to what I understand, we must take this issue seriously and respond appropriately, as we currently know of only one habitable planet in our immediate vicinity, and that is the Earth.” 

Education, modern technology, and the environment, Dr. Yasam Ayavefe gave us some of the most potent insights by sharing his extraordinary knowledge on today’s most demanding topics. Moreover, this exceptional businessman not only shares insights implements his ideas and encourages other business owners to follow his lead. 

Success is only valid when shared with the world, and that is exactly who Dr. Ayavefe is, a man of remarkable character, unequivocal passion, and continues to impact each one of us creating a better world for our future generations to come.

Dr.  Yasam Ayavefe is far more than a successful businessperson; he has an awareness of the world’s needs and an outstanding grasp on the importance of reaching out that is undeniably unique. In today’s world, it is refreshing to gain knowledge from a man who achieved an outstanding higher education for himself and all of us. His motto, “Success is a journey, not a point of arrival,” clearly states that Dr. Ayavefe has no intention of stopping his goals from assisting our Earth and everyone who resides here. His resume reads surreally, his experience speaking volumes of his gained expertise, entrepreneurial spirit, and recognition as a genuine philanthropist. 

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