Here we go again: Germany is re-introducing mandatory mask wearing on a national scale

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Some had suspected it, and now it has been confirmed: the federal government in Germany has chosen to toughen their measures against corona virus by reintroducing mandatory masking wearing throughout the country. 

The German Minister for health Salud Karl Lauterbach’s road map strategy for corona virus is turning into a reality. From the 1st of October until April 2023, the FFP2 masks will be mandatory in all indoor areas, including public transport, places of work and schools. 

For the moment, the federal government have announced the reintroduction of mandatory mask wearing on long train and plane journeys. They have not presented any evidence or justification for this, according to

Apparently, Germany will not go back to the “old normal” pre-covid just quite yet. 

Lauterbach feared a new wave of infections when the new rules were presented on Wednesday. “I’m expecting a significant wave of corona virus in Autumn” he announced. “With this toolset we can put up a front against the foreseeable wave of covid in Autumn”. 

Many rules have been left in the hands of the country, but the enforcement of mandatory FFP2 masks will soon once more apply in all parts of Germany. In schools, masks will be obligatory for children aged 11 and over if face-to-face teaching is maintained. 

The German federal government are yet to elaborate on the exact criteria of the new rules and restrictions and Germany’s Free Democratic Party have said they are awaiting the final version of the Infection Protection Act” in order to give their guidance on the matter. 

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Annie Dabb

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    • Andrew

      24 August 2022 • 20:21

      Absolutely ridiculous. When are people going to rise up and say enough is enough?

    • John

      25 August 2022 • 20:02

      Will these halfwit politicians NEVER learn? Masks have been proved over and over again to be completely ineffective. How much more evidence do these loons need? Or are they using pointless face masks as what some politicians have openly admitted – a nudge technique, to remind people to be cautious. No medical value, just control over populations, so the gullible masses walk around like zombies, obediently doing what the government tells them because of the fear that masks help to instil? It is so ridiculous. Surely someone has to put a stop to this charade. The world has gone mad.

    • Jessica Seaforth

      26 August 2022 • 10:03

      Lauterbackh is a fool, god knows how he is even in a job. I hope the German people ignore this. We need civil disobedience against this rubbish

    • John

      26 August 2022 • 21:04

      “In schools, masks will be obligatory for children aged 11 and over”. Can you believe this? It is child abuse, pure and simple. The UK government did this and trumpeted that they were doing their own studies to back up their decision. When their own studies proved conclusively that masking children was actually making things worse, they quietly withdrew the requirement. Yet the Germans, despite all the evidence, are ploughing ahead, claiming it is part of a ‘toolset’ to defeat covid. The biggest tool is the German Health Minister. He should be sacked for making decisions based on feelings, not evidence. This kind of idiocy makes me so angry!

      • arrow

        12 September 2022 • 22:14

        Damn right. It’s contrary to all science, even the CDC agrees. This authoritarianism is part of Klaus Schwab’s “Great Reset”, truly evil. People need to protest and resist.

    • Next leveltruth

      11 September 2022 • 16:24

      People need to wake up and comprehend that there is an agenda behind this. The medical evidence is beyond overwhelming that masks (just like all the experimental and untested injections) do not work. People need to say NO. Nobody wear a mask, if you are stopped in the street by people who are loyal to the government system, you tell them your vaccination status is private information between you and your doctor, in addition, vaccinated or not, you will NOT be wearing any useless and germ spreading mask. If people do not wake up and care what the controlled authorities are doing, we are all going to have a huge problem to stop what is being planned against humanity, as they try to transition us from their fiat debt slave system to their CBDC debt slave and social credit system. Enslavement and population control are the main objectives of our controlling parasitic. Elites. WAKE UP.


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