Stop! here is everything you should know before considering Felixphere (FELIX)

Stop! here is everything you should know before considering Felixphere (FELIX)

The play-to-earn (P2E) space is ever-growing, ever-evolving and it is absolutely delightful to witness. However, there might be a whole chunk of people who are unable to reap the full benefits of this flourishing industry either due to heavy hardware requirements or overly complex rules. Whatever the reason, some people are just missing out! Felixphere (FELIX) believes this shouldn’t be so hence the development of their ecosystem.

What Is Felixphere (FELIX)?

Felixphere (FELIX) is a virtual play-to-earn platform that was built on the BNB Smart Chain and has plans to make its users wealthy and successful. The team at this protocol wants to take people back to the simpler times of childhood games that were simple to understand and didn’t require massive hardware. It is their belief that the more people playing games, the happier the world will be.

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Through an ecosystem that offers play-to-earn games and a daily lottery, the members of this platform will have numerous ways to earn money.

What is Felixphere (FELIX) made of?

The Felixphere (FELIX) ecosystem as mentioned above consists of play-to-earn games. These are simple to understand games that almost everyone played or witnessed growing up. They include; rock/paper/scissors, roll the dice, tic-tac-toe and dots and boxes.

According to the project’s whitepaper, more games will be added to the platform moving forward. The game rules are pretty straightforward and broken down explicitly by the team. It is also important to note that 10% of every win is taken by the platform and given back to users are cashback and to add to the liquidity pool among other things.

Felixphere (FELIX) also features a lottery that will be live daily at 16:00 after tickets have been sold to interested parties till 15:30 every day. All that has to be done after getting a ticket is to choose 7 lucky numbers or generate a random set from a board and submit it.

Another interesting aspect of this ecosystem is the two-layer referral structure that allows users to earn from inviting new people to the platform up to a second level. Meaning, people can benefit from those who they brought in directly and those who were brought in by those who they brought in. A 2% profit from the 10% charge on winnings is for this purpose.

It is important to note that all winnings from either the games, lottery or referral is paid in cryptocurrency, specifically FELIX.

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If you’re wondering, what is FELIX?

FELIX is the native BEP20 utility token of the Felixphere ecosystem. The token is built on the BNB Smart Chain and powers the ecosystem and all transactions on the platform are executed with it. It can be used to participate in games, to buy tickets to participate in the lottery, and token holders will also benefit from airdrops to their wallets.

Moving forward, the project plans for the token to expose users to governance rights and enable them to vote on proposals put forth by the Felixphere DAO (decentralised autonomous organisation). It will also have full DeFi capabilities including but not limited to, staking, lending, borrowing, pooling, and trading.

Is Felixphere (FELIX) a smart choice in the long run?

If you’re worried about the long-term feasibility of this project, you would be right to be. The cryptocurrency market is very volatile. Now, while it is impossible to tell exactly how the project will do in the future, the idea behind it has some prospects.

Games are a very integral aspect of people’s lives as they’re a form of recreation and relaxation. To merge this with a chance at making money, it’s very possible that this project gets heavily adopted over time. Also, compared to other platforms in the play-to-earn industry, it offers a unique experience of simple childhood games which is sure to set it apart from competition.

All these projections notwithstanding, it is essential to always do your research before adding any new asset to your portfolio so as to ensure that its goals align with your value.

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