Almost everything you do on the internet requires a password

Always guard your passwords

Always guard your passwords Credit: Thapana Studio Shutterstock

ALMOST everything you do on the internet requires a password to log on and it is said that the longer the password the safer it is.

There are two major problems however, firstly the more apps and programmes that require passwords, the more difficult it is to remember them unless you write them down and then if you leave that on a computer you become less secure!

Secondly as hackers become more efficient and technology advances, so they can create programmes that can crack your password a bit like Alan Turing and the enigma machine, although a heck of a lot quicker.

Many banks and other financial institutions send text messages when you try to log into your account with an extra pin number to allow you to gain entry but these messages can be hacked as well.

Latest mobile phones allow facial or fingerprint recognition but that also is vulnerable to external AI invasion and not everyone wants to only use a phone or tablet for access to accounts especially those who are older or suffer from poor eyesight.

Company computers inevitably have passwords and one of the worrying aspects of passwords is that disaffected employees can use them or pass them on to third parties in order to damage their former employer.

The major technology companies such as Google and Microsoft are endeavouring to create alternatives and it is possible for companies to obtain USB sticks which allow entry to their computers and can be cancelled in seconds.

Passwords will be phased out in due course but for the time being ensure that yours are as safe as possible.

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