Mike Senker rant: Yappy dogs, helplines and aerosol issues

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I love dogs – I have a dog – and we sometimes take him with us when we go for a walk and stop for a coffee. He sits there very quietly looking at everyone going past in the hope that they have a sausage or a bit of chicken.

He usually has a drink of water and that’s it. For me, that is acceptable. What isn’t is if your dog is a ‘yapper’ – usually a tiny little thing that barks at every single person that walks past and wants to fight every dog regardless of size. Yap, yap, yap non-stop. If that’s your dog do me a favour and leave it at home. I don’t need to hear it or you telling it to stop. It’s a nuisance and it’s annoying everyone.

If I’m on the ‘phone to a helpline the last thing I need to hear is a message every few minutes for the first half hour that I should check your website to see if my problem can be solved there. Don’t you know that I searched that for an hour before I found hidden somewhere in the ‘contact us’ part a number which I’ve now been holding on for another eternity. I’ll tell you what I want. I want to speak to a human being that not only speaks English but understands it too and I don’t want it to take four or five hours to do it. What are even more annoying are the companies that you can’t contact by ‘phone at all. There should be a law that every company that takes the public’s money or holds personal information about them is duty bound to speak to their victims personally just like they did years ago before social media. It is incredible the amount of mega multi-national organisations that just ignore their punters.

Here’s one for you. How many of you have bought an aerosol – in my case a mozzie spray – but it’s happened a few times with various sprays that after a few sprays it just packs up? It doesn’t matter how hard you press – nada, nothing. I shake it and can hear that it’s still got plenty left in it. So what do you do? Take it back or just chuck it? They aren’t cheap, about seven or eight euros a pop. I don’t have the receipt but I feel the need to return it and see what happens. I’ll let you know.

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