Big Eyes Coin (BIG) on a similar trajectory to gala – can this environmentally friendly DeFi Coin gather a community?

Several crypto ecosystems have taken up the play-to-earn model where gamers can earn a passive income for gaming. Gala (GALA) is one of the ecosystems championing this cause, with an array of Gala (GALA) games available for gamers to play and earn.

However, Big Eyes Coin (BIG)  will take a turn from this trend as its main goals are to spread the reach of Defi worldwide and help protect our water sanctuaries.

The crypto-verse sees an influx of spectacular projects daily, addressing an issue or the other you probably didn’t know existed. For instance, play-to-earn games didn’t just bloom to make games profitable.

The gaming industry was plagued with centralized authorities hogging the revenue generated from playing games. However, an end came to that with ecosystems like Gala (GALA), ensuring profits are seen on the ends of the creators and consumers.

A peculiar problem you may have heard about is how our ocean bodies are plagued with pollution, among other factors. Big Eyes Coin (BIG) strives to be the ecosystem that helps save the aquatic lives in the ocean and protect water sanctuaries from further pollution. Another issue it addresses is the infancy of Defi, where only 1% of the world’s population currently has access to it.

The powers and benefits of Defi are too many to be kept within the sphere of that little percentage. Big Eyes Coin (BIG) sees a future where Defi is the main financial system of the world, liberating people financially and bringing better possibilities to be explored with blockchain technology.


As such, the platform is built with guides, tutorials, back-end systems, and a swapping protocol to make the Defi concept simple for everyone who wishes to learn.

Purchase Big Eyes Coin (BIG) and realize great profits passively as you would with Gala (GALA)

Big Eyes (BIG) wants to foster a Defi community where wealth is shifted into the hands of its users. The BIG tokens will serve as community tokens in an ecosystem that self-propagates for hyper-growth with NFTs. This will position the Big Eyes token to become as valuable as Gala (GALA) in the cryptocurrency market.

With self-propagation, the Big Eyes (BIG) ecosystem will have every part of its ecosystem actively generating wealth for its users and inching the platform towards protecting a vital part of the world’s ecosystem. Furthermore, with its NFTs, Big Eyes Coin will grant access to events and more content that keep the blockchain ecosystem worth joining by crypto enthusiasts.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) will attract the boulder holders of the crypto space to breathe life into the project while it works hand-in-hand with influencers and celebrities to make the Big Eyes Coin the meme token of the year. The NFTs in the ecosystem will be about fishes in the ocean and everything else about the aquatic life that’ll also work with hype to be a top ten NFTs project.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) on a similar trajectory to gala - can this environmentally friendly DeFi Coin gather a community?

With the popularity built around these NFTs and tokens, the value of the Big Eyes ecosystem will soon match that of Gala (GALA) and other valuable platforms on the cryptocurrency market.

The Big Eyes Coin Ecosystem

This ecosystem will have 200,000,000,000 tokens available at launch, with 70% available at presale stages and 20% on exchanges. In addition, 5% will go into the team’s marketing wallet with the plans laid down to build hype around the ecosystem. And 5% will be in a visible charity wallet to help the platform achieve its goal of protecting the ocean and water sanctuaries.

Also, as the platform is centered on community, users of BIG tokens own and get to govern the ecosystem. All changes are decided by the community members in a voting system that ensures everything goes fairly.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is a unique ecosystem with features you won’t normally encounter on other crypto platforms. It’s always positioned to make its users money and achieve set goals, so you want to purchase BIG tokens today and secure your spot as the platform grows.



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