Big Eyes Coin, the new cryptocurrency set to soar as high as Binance Coin

Big Eyes Coin, the new cryptocurrency set to soar as high as Binance Coin

Today’s crypto news has revealed that we are in a bear market. However, a bear market offers people the finest opportunity to buy cryptocurrencies before their prices skyrocket.

A new token, the Big Eyes Coin, will be explained to clarify why it stands out as a potential top cryptocurrency alongside Monero (XMR) and Binance coin (BNB).

The Big Eyes Coin

The Big Eyes Coin’s goal is to move wealth into the decentralised finance (DeFi) ecosystem and protect a critical component of the global ecosystem. Community tokens already benefit the community and charities, but Big Eyes Coin aims to create a blockchain ecosystem that spreads. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) provide access to content and events, making the blockchain hype-ship well worth boarding.

The growth plan of the Big Eyes coin is properly planned in four phases.

The first phase is called the Crouch phase, and it involves the audit of the Big Eyes tokens, pre-sale website live, pre-sale live, PR machine live, social media channels live, media stunt live, and 15,000 telegram members.

The second phase is the Leap phase which involves the launch of the Big Eyes coin on Uniswap, full website launch, 25,000 telegram members, first donation to charity, verification of all social media channels, NFT snippet release, listings on new swaps, and merch shop launch.

The third phase, the Run phase, involves the release of the Big Eye NFT, a second donation to charity, 50,000 telegram members, 50,000 holders, bigger media stunts, and massive influencing.

The fourth and final phase is the Catwalk phase which is all about community events, donation of a million dollars to charity, bridging of more chains, the addition of the Big Eyes coin to more swaps, and the evolution of NFTs.

Steps to purchasing the Big Eyes Coin

There are three easy steps to purchasing the Big Eyes coin. The Big Eyes coin is purchased with either Ethereum or USDT. The three steps are:

  • Ensure a Metamask wallet is installed on your browser, or use one of the wallets supported by WalletConnect. Trust wallet is the most suitable if one uses a mobile browser, and if it’s a desktop browser, Metamask is highly recommended.
  • Once the preferred wallet provider is ready, click on “Connect Wallet” and select the appropriate option from the list of wallets. After the wallet is selected, three methods for purchasing the Big Eye coin are displayed; Buy ETH with card, Buy the Big Eyes with ETH, and Buy the Big Eyes with USDT.

Big Eyes Coin, the new cryptocurrency set to soar as high as Binance Coin

Charity Tokens: Binance coin (BNB) and Monero token (XMR)

The Binance exchange’s official token was established in 2017 as the Binance coin (BNB). Binance Coin (BNB) has various applications as the official ecosystem token. On the Binance decentralised exchange, the Binance coin is used as a trading fee (DEX). Binance launched Binance Charity which is the first blockchain-enabled transparent donation platform. Binance has over 50 active projects which are constantly aiding society which include; protecting our planet, supporting women’s education in Afghanistan, Ukraine emergency relief fund and many others. The most significant impact of the Binance Charity Foundation is providing financial independence to vulnerable people through direct crypto-giving solutions.

Monero token (XMR), which prioritises privacy, was introduced in 2014. The egalitarian notion that all people are equal and deserve equal opportunities is the foundation of the Monero (XMR) mining process. Tesla4XMR is a campaign launched to collect money in Monero tokens (XMR) to purchase three Tesla Model 3 vehicles. If Tesla decides to subsidise the purchase of its automobiles with XMR, the plan is to distribute these vehicles to charitable groups. If the project is a success, cars will be bought directly with XMR from the front end of Tesla’s website or at a physical point of sale and then donated to charity.

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