BIG EYES defies the odds and incorporates the utility side of MEME COINS, and how does it stand against TRON AND OKB?

BIG EYES defies the odds and incorporates the utility side of MEME COINS, and how does it stand against TRON AND OKB?


The standardisation of Cryptocurrency has emerged as a new problem in this space. This is why a wide range of audiences are still hesitant to try this idea out. Many find it nothing but a wild dream, where the billionaires exploit the money of novice traders. With such concepts prevailing in society, there’s a dire need to bust these myths and produce a counterargument to give a shut-up call to all those who call it an illegitimate way of doing business. There’s one fact that we all got to embrace: the technologies initially are not embraced until time tests them out.

A similar is the case for Cryptocurrency, and there’s been a major advancement in this field in the recent decade. It has grown into a trillion-dollar industry, and it has gotten so big to turn a blind eye to it. Whether trying it out is either a good or a bad idea – this still is to be tested, but there’s one thing we’re pretty sure about, and it’s that crypto is nudging its way into multiple other industries. It’s time for us to familiarise ourselves with the underlying principle if we’re to benefit from it. In this guide, we’ll be unearthing Big Eyes (BIG) before you.

Big Eyes (BIG)

For some years, banks have had us enslaved with their defined protocols, and nobody ever batted an idea until Satoshi released a whitepaper where he highlighted this alleged problem. This caught the attention of many developers and creators, and people bought the idea that financial systems could be changed. This led to the humble beginnings of Defi, and Big Eyes (BIG) supports this cause. It’s a meme coin backed by a decentralised mode where there’s no third-party ruling over any token segment, unlike the banks.

Big Eyes (BIG) isn’t the first meme coin; there have been many in the past, but a repeated issue observed in all of them is their limited applications. This could be one of the reasons why Dogecoin & Shiba Inu fell flat right after the historic spike. As human beings, our feelings, emotions, and sentiments change, or the other way said, fade with time. These coins had no intrinsic value or utility that somehow could help the community achieve a bigger purpose other than just a generic means of transaction. In this case, Big Eyes (BIG) is an anomaly because it does meet the criteria of leaving an everlasting impact. The next question that must have popped into your head is, how so?

How is Big Eyes (BIG) any better?

When you connect with the Big Eyes (BIG) network, you link yourself to a cause to serve and contribute. On the platform, 5% of the shares are specified for donation. This donation would go to ocean-saving charities. This way, Big Eyes (BIG) that’ll somehow help its community be a part of a project where each one on board will have their share for a good cause. Statistically, Big Eyes (BIG) had plans to raise 2 million USD, and it has managed to get 50% job done. After it hits the mark, the coin will be launched. Big Eyes (BIG) will have 80% of its supply available to the public.

The ultimate objective of Big Eyes (BIG) is to help its stakeholders with some potential gains. To bring this into reality, it promises to cash the meme side of it. It plans to be the best in the business, which is why it encourages its community to come up with ideas to ace and excel in this department. This surely will bring cash to the table. It also supports the idea of NFTs and acknowledges the revolution this concept may bring in some years. The giants like Facebook have already embraced metaverse and Web 3.0, and it’s to amplify in all aspects with time. Conforming to this, Big Eyes (BIG) is set to provide a platform where its users would have all the power on Earth to hang around, create their art and trade them.

Big Eyes (BIG) will set up a decentralised exchange protocol called UniSwap, enabling its community to swap their currencies with its native currency – Big Eyes (BIG). This will eliminate the hassle of trying other swapping channels. Here comes the part, Big Eyes (BIG), which boasts a lot, and it’s the “NO FEE” part of it. The users are not supposed to pay a hefty amount for mere transactions or trade over the exchange. It’s repulsive, and Big Eyes (BIG) strongly discourages the idea. You can download a whitepaper over Big Eyes (BIG) from the official website and familiarise yourself with how it works and what’s more in it for you.

How To Access Big Eyes (BIG)

To start, you’ve got to have a digital currency wallet installed in your computer system. We recommend Metamask as it’s a proven and secure way of managing Cryptocurrency. Once done, head to the official website and connect the wallet to the Big Eyes (BIG). You’ll have three choices before you – buy it directly with USDT, Ethereum, or buy Ethereum before getting hold of Big Eyes (BIG). Once bought, you must wait for the launch. The information will be communicated via the official site. Jumping on to the other two cryptocurrencies!


TRON was launched in 2017, and it comes with the decentralised autonomous organisation protocol, which grants access to the stakeholders onboard and lets them drive the platform. The fate, in other words, depends on the community. This undoubtedly is the peak of the practical application of Defi. Moreover, it’s based on a Proof of Stake consensus mechanism that’s more viable than a conventional PoW model. The former enables the people to take control, contribute and earn along the way without possibly threatening the surroundings.

On top of that, the primary idea of the TRON is to connect the creators with the audience, experiencing the essence of decentralization. Unlike Youtube, Facebook, and many such channels, it works in an uncontrolled manner where users have all the right to engage with whomever they feel like. It isn’t a controlled and non-dictated ecosystem the platform provides to its members. The TRON (TRX) currently ranks at 15 at coinmarketcap and is sold at 0.06 USD.


OKB (OKB) is another coin, originally coming from OKX (Parent exchange). Since the advent of Cryptocurrency, decentralized exchanges have been around, and OKX is no different. It, too, is built on a philosophy of handing over control to the deserving party – the user. It has 40% trading fee discounts over its platform. Additionally, it promises to have its price stabilized and to ensure that it has a deflationary model ON, where a stipulated supply of tokens at a particular interval is burnt to maintain the equilibrium in the market. This is another validation for the sustenance of its price. As of now, OKB (OKB) is sold at 15 USD on coinmarketcap and is ranked at #51.


The matter of concern is which one you should be delving in to maximise your sum. The unsaid reality is that there are no guarantees in this space; there’s only a set of probabilities predicting the fate of any Cryptocurrency. If there were a coin that we had to select from these three options, it would be Big Eyes (BIG), and it isn’t just a random fired bullet, but it’s due to the fact that Big Eyes (BIG) mirrors the contentment, fun and monetary benefits for its stakeholders. Secondly, it’s relatively new, so there’s always a high chance of a new coin excelling over an already tried and tested one.





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