BREAKING NEWS UPDATE: Vladimir Putin survives assassination attempt says Kremlin insider

BREAKING: Legendary BBC sports commentator passes away aged 65

Legendary BBC sports commentator passes away aged 65

23:52 (September 14) – Rumours continue to surface regarding Putin’s health, as they do attempts on his life.

With little evidence to go on, the media and the world have to rely on what little news does come out of the increasingly secretive county. Laws that have been implemented since the invasion of Ukraine forbid anyone to speak out against Russia’s invasion or to spread what they describe as misinformation about the country’s military successes or otherwise.

So what are the chances that any attempt on his life would be made public, and just how realistic are such claims?

Putin, who likes to see himself as the original strongman, will ensure that any news that reflects his vulnerability is quashed and quickly. With the war not going well and growing dissension, he certainly would not want any news that departs from the picture he has created made public.

The attempt to manage the media aside, the daughter of Vladimir Putin’s aide, 60-year-old Aleksandr Dugin was recently taken out by a car bomb. That would suggest that Putin’s friends and their families are being targeted, the only difference being the level of security that Putin himself enjoys.

Then there is the growing number of senior Russian businessmen that have mysteriously died of late, all under rather unusual circumstances. Could they or their associates be behind any attempt?

Finally, there are the many generals that have reputedly been relieved of their duties by Putin. What are the chances they have all gone quietly, their reputation in tatters?

Although there is no concrete evidence to suggest that Putin has survived an assassination attempt, chances are that the turmoil he has created in Russia, Europe and the Middle East could mean that there is a price on his head. 

19:36 (September 14) -President Vladimir Putin has survived an assassination attempt according to a Kremlin insider who spoke to the General GVR Telegram channel.

It is not known when the attempt, which was reported on Wednesday, September 14 took place.

According to the account, the left front wheel of Putin’s car was hit by a loud bang. Smoke quickly followed but the car was driven to safety.

Putin was unharmed in the incident, however, it is understood that a number of arrests have been made by the security services. Amongst those that have “disappeared” are a number of his bodyguards amid claims the president’s movements were compromised.

The insider claims that Putin was travelling in a decoy motorcade with growing fears for his safety. He is said to have been travelling in the third of the five vehicles.

According to the news channel they have been unable to verify the claim or to confirm where and when it took place.

Repeating what they had been told they said: “On the way to the residence, a few kilometres away, the first escort car was blocked by an ambulance, [and] the second escort car drove around without stopping [due to the] sudden obstacle, and during the detour of the obstacle.”

In Putin’s car “a loud bang sounded from the left front wheel followed by heavy smoke.”

The news channel added: “Subsequently, the body of a man was found driving [the] ambulance, which blocked the first car from the motorcade.

“The head of the president’s bodyguard [service] and several other people have been suspended and are in custody,” the channel claimed, without naming anyone.

“A narrow circle of people knew about the movement of the president in this cortege, and all of them were from the presidential security service.

“After the incident, three of them disappeared. These were exactly the people who were in the first car of the motorcade.

“Their fate is currently unknown. The car on which they were travelling was found empty a few kilometres from the incident.”

The report comes after a week in which an increasing number of Russian officials, commentators and politicians have criticised Putin and his army for their failures in Ukraine.

The attempt is said to be the latest with the country’s Chief of Defence Intelligence Kyrylo Budanov saying there was an “unsuccessful attempt” against Putin’s life at the start of the war against Ukraine. Last month, his daughter was killed in a car bombing that Putin blamed Ukraine for.

If indeed Vladimir Putin has survived an assassination attempt by his own bodyguards, it would suggest the tide is turning against the tyrant and that his days may indeed be numbered.

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    • Karnner

      15 September 2022 • 01:45

      Is there a mistake— it says Putin’s daughter was killed. If you are referring to Dugin, that’s a daughter of a close political ally, but not Putin’s.

    • U.S.A.

      15 September 2022 • 21:21

      There are more here than you think, that believe Russia is in the right. Sorry I took time to read this propaganda drivel. Oh, and by the way, Putin’s daughter was not, “taken out by a car bomb”! Better check your facts, Peter!

    • Steven Rowlandson

      15 September 2022 • 23:13

      If assassins couldn’t kill Hitler because God was protecting him there is a good chance Putin is protected for the same reason. Pray for him instead.

    • Dougas

      16 September 2022 • 08:34

      How can you say a man who is defending Russians from a dictator is a bad man? How did Zelinsky become leader. Because his predecessor was leader of a coup.

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