Alternative Investments for Q4 of 2022: BudBlockz, Gold & P2P Lending

Alternative Investments for Q4 of 2022: BudBlockz, Gold & P2P Lending

In times of global turbulence, it can be challenging to find safe investments. The standard advice is to diversify portfolios as much as possible, especially when the stock market is unsettled and inflation is high. Fortunately, there is a range of alternatives available.

BudBlockz – an investment in crypto and the cannabis market

BudBlockz is a developing ecosystem for cannabis enthusiasts built on the Ethereum blockchain. It offers the appealing combination of being able to invest in a new crypto platform and token and the growth of the marijuana industry.

The BudBlockz $BLUNT token lets owners buy and sell cannabis products while acting as governance in the platform’s decentralised economy. The token also provides the opportunity for fractional ownership of cannabis businesses like farms and dispensaries, giving direct exposure to this rapidly expanding sector.

BLUNT tokens can be withdrawn to an ERC-20 compatible wallet, provide entry to the Ethereum ecosystem, and access to DEX and other DeFI products.

BudBlockz is a chance to get involved in the early development of a new blockchain project. But it is also a way to gain exposure to the cannabis market, which is predicted to be worth over US$200 billion within the next decade. Additionally, thanks to the blockchain, investment is possible no matter the legal status of the investor’s location.

Blockchain platforms can be a volatile investment, but by tapping into the growing cannabis sector, BudBlockz has a lot of potential.

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Gold – the most famous hedge for troubled times

Gold has been riding high recently as investors seek to hedge against inflation and the unsettled stock market. Throughout history, the precious metal has been a global store of value and, if looked at over longer periods, has consistently risen in price.

There are several ways to invest in gold, each with its benefits and problems. The most obvious is to simply buy some gold bullion in a bar or coin. The main issues are transaction fees, security, insurance, and determining purity.

Another option is to invest in gold mining companies, but this may require more knowledge than possessed by the average investor as mines might be poorly managed or face other problems.

Managed gold mutual funds are an option, but there are often fees, and they won’t necessarily outperform the index. The easiest and most popular way to invest is through an ETF. These are backed by physical gold, giving investors direct exposure, and as they are traded on the stock exchange, they are liquid and secure.

Peer-to-peer lending

Peer-to-peer (P2P) lending has only been around since 2005, and while blockchain technology now dominates Fintech media, it is still popular.

A P2P lender can combine their money with other investors to provide loans for individuals or businesses who don’t want to use banks or credit unions. This is typically done through a P2P lending platform that helps investors spread their money across multiple loans, decreasing risks.

The advantages of P2P lending are higher interest rates for investors. However, it is highly advisable to choose an established and respected P2P platform with a history of positive returns.

The diversification made possible by larger and popular platforms mitigates the risk, but there are no guarantees, and many P2P loans are unsecured with no government protection.

Additionally, as the platform assesses the borrower’s ability to repay, the checks may be less robust than those done by a bank or credit provider. Consequently, there is always a chance of loan default. Some platforms have money set aside for compensation, but multiple non-repayments could cause problems.


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