How to save money on your electricity bills with solar panels in Spain

How to save money on your electricity bills with solar panels in Spain

WITH soaring electricity costs and plenty of sunshine, now is the best time to turn to solar power in Spain, saving you money on your electricity bills as well as doing good for the environment. But, how easy is it to have solar power installed and what are the legalities it poses?

When installing solar power, it is essential that you hire an experienced and competent professional company. As one of the first countries to deploy large-scale solar photovoltaics and being one of the world´s leader in concentrated solar power (CSP) production, Spain is the perfect location to benefit from solar power, however, it is not a decision to be taken lightly.

That´s why the Euro Weekly News has teamed up with Spanish solar experts Energy Nordic to create a guide to everything you need to know about installing solar panels at your home in Spain, as well as some of your most frequently asked questions, including the costs, whether it is possible to install it yourself, how long installation takes, and how much you will save on your bills.


What is solar power?

In simple terms, solar power is a way of using radiation from the sun and converting it into energy.

This is most commonly done through solar panels, which are silicone panels which absorb radiation from the sun and turn this into an electrical current.  This process is known as the Photovoltaic Effect, and you may have commonly heard solar panels referred to as photovoltaic systems.


What are the benefits of using solar power in Spain

From helping the environment, to cutting back on skyrocketing energy prices, there are a huge number of great reasons to install solar panels at your home or business.

  • Save money on electric by generating your own energy
  • Help the environment by reducing fossil fuel use
  • Create power backups in case of power cuts as many solar systems use batteries to store your power in case you want to use it later
  • Solar panels can be used for both heating of hot water and electric (saving on gas too!)
  • Spain has lots of sun making this a very efficient way of generating electricity



Your 10 most common solar power in Spain questions answered

Installing solar at your property can be an exciting time- especially if you are looking forward to cutting down on energy bills- but there will lots of questions you have before you get started.

Here, we aim to cover the most commonly asked about installing solar panels in Spain. 

1. How much is a solar system in Spain?

Solar systems in Spain can range from €4,000 upwards, but it always depends on the size of the installation that is right for the customer.

This is determined depending on their usual energy consumption, the size available to place the solar panels on their roof and the preferences of the client as well.

2. Can you sell electricity back to the grid in Spain?

Yes, of course you can! The installers of solar panels, together with the electricity supply company you have contracted with, will send the necessary documents to the town hall once the installation has been carried out. And when your distributor approves your “self-consumption” you will start saving money on your bill.

At Energy Nordic they compensate you for your surplus energy based on the market rate price, given by your distributor per kWh, up to the value of your energy consumption cost.

The amount of surplus generation is deducted directly from your energy consumption cost on your bill to the point that your energy use can reach €0.

With Energy Nordic, unlike other companies, they offer you a market price returned to you for your surplus energy.

The market rate means that prices are variable to ensure you get the best rate for the energy you produce.

From their recent prices in August 2022, our clients’ surplus consumption averages at 0.20€ per kWh.*

*Please note, this is not a fixed rate, this is based on an average of the market price for solar surplus compensation for our clients in Spain in August with residences with registered autoconsumo installations, as always, prices are subject to vary.

3. Can you actually make money from solar panels in Spain?

While you can’t actually make money using solar power in Spain, you can save on your electricity bill to the point where the cost of the energy consumed is €0!

It is very important to bear in mind that the maximum value that can be compensated in the electricity bill is the amount of energy purchased. This means that the amount received for compensation can never be negative, nor discount the price of access tolls.

Read more details about Spain´s Real Decree over this here at Art 14.

4. Is it legal to install solar panels in Spain?

Yes, now in 2022 it is completely legal to obtain solar panels in your residence to generate your own power, you can have a grid-connected installation to get compensation for the excess energy you send or purchase batteries to store any excess energy.

5. Is there still a sun tax in Spain?

Fortunately no, there is no more sun tax. All you have to do is install your solar panels and start enjoying the benefits!

6. Who can install solar panels in Spain?

We always recommend a company or a technician specialised in solar panel installations, Due to the difficulties in terms of connections specifically to be able to connect them to the house/company and to the network. 

Of course, there are other cheaper types of solar panels that are easier to install personally, but last less time and generate less energy.

7. What types of solar panels does Energy Nordic offer?

Energy Nordic can offer three different types of solar panels to suit the different needs that customers may have.

1. The Essentials: Package with the best value for money and the highest profitability.

These are highly efficient solar panels that are suitable for all types of roofs and offer:

  • Maximum profitability
  • Monocrystalline panels with dark cells
  • Long service life (85% of output after 25 years)
  • Durability

2. Then Design: For people who want their solar panels to be smart, efficient and elegant.

These panels integrate into the roof and become part of your home.  The benefits of these include:

  • High efficiency
  • Elegant and refined all-black design
  • Long life expectancy (85% effect after 25 years)

3.  The Pro: the most efficient and durable panel on the market, providing more power for longer.

The use of black cells on a solid copper plate offers the highest possible durability, maximising power output for decades to come.

Pro panels come with a full 25-year product and service warranty, making them a safe investment. With a low carbon footprint and designed for recycling, Pro panels are the most sustainable choice and benefit from:

  • Highest efficiency in the market
  • Extra robust cell technology
  • Market leading life expectancy (92% power output after 25 years)
  • Certified sustainable panel, an ethical and environmental choice

8. How many solar panels do you need for a house?

This always depends on the average energy consumption of each household and the space available for the installation.

If you would like to get a quote or a visit to plan an installation of solar panels, please do not hesitate to contact Energy Nordic today.

9. Are there grants for solar panels in Spain?

Yes! Another benefit of the panels is that you can get grants that apply to the installations.

Currently there is a 40% discount subsidy granted by the Andalucian government.  You just have to install the panels, pay the total amount to the company and they will help you register to get the amount back.

10. Is it worth getting solar panels in Spain?

 It is 100%! The good thing about Spain is that it has 320 days of sunshine a year and so you can save up to 80% on your bill, not only benefiting from the energy you produce and consume but also from the energy that is fed into the grid.


Energy Nordic

Costa del Sol-based company energy Nordic have been helping residents of Spain save money on their electric bills for years.

Their multi-lingual, friendly and expert team are always on hand to answer any questions you have about electric in Spain.

With transparency and customer service at the heart of everything they do, Energy Nordic will offer you personalised help, and if they think you can save money elsewhere they will even tell you that.

As part of their hands-on and customer first approach, they and their expert partners handle everything from getting a calculating what you´re likely to save on your electric bills with solar power to fitting it and even sorting out all the paperwork.


How Energy Nordic save money on your electric in Spain

As well as offering straightforward solar systems to cut down your electricity bills and generate your own energy, Energy Nordic have a whole host of options to help you save on a whole host of everyday bills.


Solar panels

Dealing with everything from working out what electric usage you need to how much it will cost, the legalities and paperwork involved in installing solar power in Spain, and then ensuring your panels are installed expertly and efficiently, Energy Nordic and their partners handle every step of the process in Spain.

Contact them today to start lowering your electric and gas bills.


Electric vehicle charging

If you have an electric or hybrid car in Spain you will already know the huge savings you can make on petrol.  However, have you ever thought about saving even more money by charging your vehicle using solar electric?

Energy Nordic can help with this too!  Their expert partners can do everything from coming out to see your needs for a personalised quote to fitting your charging point and getting you on your way.

Contact Energy Nordic today for a fuss-free quote and to start saving money on your electric vehicle costs.


Shared solar power

If high community fees are your issue then Energy Nordic even have a solution for that with their shared solar power installations.  Using solar energy to help with everything from community lighting to other electric bills, this could be the solution you need if you and your neighbours are being hit with soaring costs.

To help tackle high community fees, contact Energy Nordic today and get saving with their shared solar electric.


Get your free solar energy quote

Get a quick and easy quote from Energy Nordic by filling in your contact details below now.

 Solar energy is one of the fastest ways to cut down on your electricity, gas, and even petrol bills.

It´s good for the environment, helps prevent blackouts during power cuts and can be surprisingly discreet if installed well.

So what are you waiting for?  Contact Energy Nordic today and get saving.

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